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Money Order Tracking

Money Order Tracking

Money Order Tracking has 8-12 digits number on it. While sending the money order you will have the stub with you. People need to go to the Bank or Financial Institution to obtain the money order in case if the money is paid to another person. You can do Money Order Tracking through money gram or Western union online.

Another way is you can go to your local post office and complete a form 6401. Then, the post office will tell you if the money order been has been cashed and by whom. So, if it has not been cashed then you will be provided a replacement money order through which you can pay and send.

You can use money orders to pay bills or send money to someone is as safe as using a check. All the Money orders have a tracking number or serial number through which you can track. How you go about tracking them will depend on who you purchased the money order from.

The various steps to track the Post Office Money Order are,
Step 1: For Postal Money Orders, you need to take your receipt and the tear off receipt to the Post Office.
Step 2: Fill out a form 6401 and pay a fee of $5.20.
Step 3: After finishing the Money Order Tracking the post office will refund the amount in the money order if it has been lost or stolen and in case if it is not cashed. But, if it was cashed then they will inform the place where your money order has been stolen.

Step 1: You should have the serial number of the money order and fill out a Consumer Service number from Western Union and sign it.
Step 2: Send the notarized form with a payment of $15.00 to Western Union at: Integrated Payment Systems, P.O. Box 7030, Englewood, CO 80155-7030.
Step 3: If they find the money order was not cashed, they will refund the amount of the money order. If it was cashed, they will supply you with a photocopy of the front and back of the money order. This process could take up to 30 days.