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Motorbike Racing Training Organization in India

Motor cycle or motorbike racing is a highly enthusiastic sport. This sport is basically meant for those individuals who are always in a lookout for adventure or thrill. But on the other hand this sport is also very risky and for this reason proper training from a reputed motorbike training organization is a must.

There is one such and its name is ‘Indi Moto Trend Adventures.’ The training organization is based in Bangalore, Karnataka and it offers motorcycle race training as well as adventure trip, which allows an individual to explore the country in a different way.

==features of are as follows==

1.They got huge varieties of motorcycle in their arsenal. Riders can choose the motorcycle of their choice for their training.

2.The club also offers luxury accommodation to its trainees so as to make them feel secure as well as comfortable.

3.Apart from this the club also offers full service backup such as fuels, tools, spare parts, mechanics as well as medics.

4.The club is the one that also offers adventure trips on a motorcycle thereby enabling a trainee to have experiences of culture, nature and social interaction.

Another is ‘The Federation of Motorsport clubs of India’ or FMSCI. This club was formed in the year 1971and is also a long standing member of the Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA) and Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). The club is located in Chennai; Tamil Nadu sand the person to contact is the Chief Executive of the club, Mr. Rajan Syal.

For many years the club has been offering training to many people and every year it conduct racing events in which one can show their riding skills. It has two racing tracks in which are located in Sriperambudur, Chennai and the other one is located at Coimbatore.

These two are the well known .

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