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Mrugavani National Park

This park is located in Hyderabad and is not a great distance from the mainland. However this has not, in any way, compromised its jungle outlook. It is situated in between the reservoirs of Osmansagar and Himayatsagar.

This park houses diverse varieties of animals, birds and reptiles. Some of the common ones found here are sambar, wild boar, some kinds of hares, snakes and many colourful butterflies. There is however no wild cats here, the reason for this yet to be disclosed.
This park is ideal for people with an adventurous disposition who enjoy trekking and hiking, as the various rock formations, beautiful and exotic flowers, tall trees and colourful shrubs, make for a wonderful trekking destination. There is also an auditorium built in the park where frequent slide shows are organized for the entertainment of tourists and visitors. And if one wants to get information or simply build their knowledge of the park and its inhabitants, the library there will fulfill these needs. The museum at the park makes for interesting viewing with its impressive display of snake skins.

A guided safari is organized, at regular intervals, for groups who wish to tour the park. Traveling takes place in a mini bus wherefrom the tourists get a close up view of the animals and birds in their natural habitat.

Accommodation is provided by way of dormitories or even tents if camps are preferred. However due to limited space, bookings to stay should be done in advance or it is likely that one will not get lodging.