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Multimedia Services

Multimedia is the media that uses the combination of different content forms. It includes various technological and digital formats to enhance the experience of the user. It also makes conveying of information faster and easier and also in the field of entertainment and art.

Heightened degrees of interactivity are made possible by mixing different types of media content. Online multimedia is more and more becoming data driven and object oriented. It i is also enabling applications with cooperative end-user innovation and personalization on product forms of content over time. For example in ranges different forms of content on Web sites like photo galleries with both pictures and titles along with the update of the user, which stimulates the co-efficient, illustrations, events, animations or videos. Those are modified, and the multimedia experience is altered without reprogramming. Along with hearing and seeing, Haptic technology alters the virtual objects to be lively objects. Issuing technology calling for semblances of taste and smell may also heighten the experience of multimedia.

'''The multimedia services include:'''

• Flash 2D/3D Animation or Flash Movies Designing

• Flash Website Design

• Corporate Presentation / CD Rom Development

• Computer Based Training (CBT) and e learning

• Online Product Presentation

• Scientific and biomedical animations

• Animation for Banner design

• Animation for TV commercial

• Animation for Technical / Medical devices user guide

• Animation for Virtual Product

• Character design

• Logo animations

'''At the present age multimedia services are applied to various fields like:'''

• Creative industries

• Commercial

• Education

• Entertainment and fine arts

• Engineering

• Industry

• Medicine

• Mathematical and scientific research

• Document Imaging