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Mumbai to Delhi

Mumbai to Delhi by Air[edit]

Any Domestic Non stop flight will take you to Delhi from Mumbai in just 2 Hr. Although there is a possibility that time needed may be more as it depends on flight, weather and lot of technical things. Mumbai to Delhi service is provided by many airlines. The flight takes of from Mumbai, CSI Airport - Terminal1B. At Delhi the provision for its landing is made at New Delhi, IGI Airport - Terminal1A.As both Mumbai and Delhi are important cities of India there is a heavy traffic of flights at these airports.

Airfare Mumbai to Delhi

Economy Class- Rs 4,203 to Rs 10,864
Business Class- Rs 5,203 to Rs 46,929

Mumbai to Delhi Flights

Departure-----Airlines-------Days---------Arrival---------Flight Num

05:50---------Spicejet-------Daily ---------07:45---------SG851
06:20---------Kingfisher-----Daily ---------08:10---------IT331
06:35---------Indigo---------Daily ---------08:25---------6E184
06:50---------Air Sahara-----Daily ---------08:45---------S2106
07:00---------Indian---------Daily ---------08:55---------IC806
07:00---------Jetair----------Daily ---------08:55---------9W301
07:20---------Air Sahara-----Daily ---------09:20---------S2108
07:35---------Go Air---------Daily ---------09:45---------G8172
08:00---------Indian---------Daily ---------10:00---------IC809
08:25---------Indigo---------Daily ---------11:15---------6E482
09:25---------Jetair----------Daily ---------11:30---------9W331
12:40---------Go Air---------Daily ---------15:20---------G8111
13:00---------Indian---------Daily ---------14:55---------IC166
15:40---------Jetair----------Daily ---------17:30---------9W370
16:20---------Kingfisher-----Daily ---------18:20---------IT309
17:00---------Jetair---------Daily ---------19:00---------9W353
18:00---------Indian---------Daily ---------19:55---------IC658
18:45---------Kingfisher-----Daily ---------20:45---------IT335
18:55---------Jetair----------Daily ---------20:55---------9W309
19:45---------Kingfisher-----Daily ---------21:45---------IT337
20:00---------Indian---------Daily ---------21:55---------IC605
20:05---------Jetair----------Daily ---------22:05---------9W361
20:45---------Kingfisher-----Daily ---------22:45---------IT313
21:15---------Indigo---------Daily ---------23:30---------6E182
22:30---------Jetair----------Daily ---------00:25---------9W2305

Mumbai to Delhi by Train[edit]

There is a railroad of length 1544 km connecting Mumbai to Delhi. A train to Delhi will cover the said distance in 29 hours. The time taken to arrive at Delhi is much more than a flight from mumbai to Delhi but it does not reduce the importance of railways as it is very cheap mode of traveling. Many people prefer to take a train to Delhi from Mumbai, so your journey will be comfortable with advance reservation of train ticket.

Railway fare

Second AC: Rs 1,623
Third AC: Rs 1,187
Sleeper Class: Rs 442

Mumbai to Delhi Trains

Train No/Train Name --------------------------Dep.Time -------Arr.Time

1057 AMRITSAR EXPRES (DAILY) ------23:45-------------04:15
2137 PUNJAB MAIL (DAILY) -------------19:40--------------21:15
2925 PASCHIM EXPRESS (DAILY) ------11:35--------------10:50
2951 MUMBAI RAJDHANI (DAILY) -----16:40--------------08:30
2953 AUG KR RAJ EXP (DAILY) ----------17:40--------------10:50
9019 DEHRADUN EXP (DAILY) -----------23:35--------------05:50
9023 FZR JANATA EXP (DAILY) ----------- 07:25------------12:45

Mumbai to Delhi by Road (Bus or car) Service[edit]

Neither Maharashtra nor DTC or Private travel agents, provide any interstate buses to travel from Delhi to Mumbai. The shortest route is of 1,396 km via UP and MP and takes 22 hours to reach Mumbai. The NH3 can lead to Delhi by a privately owned or hired car. You can hire any non AC or AC car from travel service providers at rates ranging from 4 Rs per km to 11 Rs per km.

The route to be followed (NH3) is Mumbai(MH)-Nashik(MH)-Indore (MP) Gwalior (MP) –Aligarh (UP)- New Delhi

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