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Mumbai to Hyderabad

Mumbai to Hyderabad by Air[edit]

To travel by flight from Mumbai to Hyderabad, you can board the domestic flight of many airlines operating from CSI Airport - Terminal1B at Santa Cruz, Mumbai. Flight arrives at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad. From Mumbai airport a non-stop flight will need about 1 Hr 20 Min to take you to Hyderabad.

Airfare Mumbai to Hyderabad

Economy Class- Rs 2,829 to Rs 13,789
Business Class- Rs 9,874 to Rs 46,064

Mumbai to Hyderabad Flights

Departure----Airlines---------Days---------Arrival---------Flight Num

05:35---------Spicejet---------Daily ---------06:55---------SG401
06:25---------Jetair------------ Daily ---------07:40---------9W453
06:30---------Kingfisher------Daily ---------07:45---------IT161
07:45---------Indian-----------Daily ---------09:00---------IC615
08:00---------Jetair------------Daily ---------09:15---------9W457
09:30---------Indian-----------Daily ---------10:45---------IC617
10:15---------Air Sahara------Daily ---------11:25---------S2611
10:30---------Kingfisher------Daily ---------11:45---------IT163
14:30---------Indigo------Daily Ex Mon-----15:50---------6E258
15:30---------Jetair-------------Daily ---------16:45---------9W451
16:00---------Indian------------Daily ---------17:15---------IC928
18:45---------Jetair-------------Daily ---------20:00---------9W455
19:05---------Indian------------Daily ---------20:20---------IC619
19:15---------Kingfisher-------Daily ---------20:30---------IT165
21:00---------Kingfisher-------Daily ---------22:15---------IT3163

Mumbai to Hyderabad by Train[edit]

A train departing from Mumbai takes 16 hours to reach Hyderabad. It travels a railroad of 789 km from Mumbai to Hyderabad. Every day many trains from Mumbai such as Konark Express,Husainsagar Express, Hyderabad Express and Devagiri Express travel towards Hyderabad Junction, connecting AP to Maharashtra.

Railway Fare

Second AC: Rs 1089
Third AC: Rs 793
Sleeper Class: Rs 292

Mumbai to Hyderabad Trains

Train No/Train Name --------------------------Dep.Time -------Arr.Time
1019 KONARK EXPRESS (DAILY) -------15:10-------------07:50
2701 HUSAINSAGAR EXP (DAILY) ------21:50------------12:10
7031 HYDERABAD EXP (DAILY) ---------12:45------------05:55
7057 DEVAGIRI EXP (DAILY) -------------21:05-------------14:15

Mumbai to Hyderabad by Road (Bus or car) Service[edit]

APSRTC operate daily buses from Hyderabad to Mumbai (753 km) and the same buses travel back from Mumbai to Hyderabad. Private travel agencies operate daily Mumbai to Hyderabad
Volvo (A/C Deluxe bus), and the bus fare is Rs 990 per person. The Buses operated by APSRTC are much cheaper. APSRTC operates Express Service bus from Mumbai to Hyderabad, charging Rs 335 per person.

Traveling on NH4 and NH9 will take you to Hyderabad by road
Mumbai(MH-NH 4) - Pune(MH-NH 9)-. -Solapur(MH-NH 9) - Sangareddi(AP-NH 9)- Hyderabad(AP)

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