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Mumbai-Kanyakumari Express

Mumbai-Kanyakumari Express connects Mumbai CST station and Kanyakumari, the southern most station in India. Mumbai-Kanyakumari Express No. 6381 runs between Mumbai CST to Kanyakumari. This train runs on all seven days of the week. This train has 2nd AC, 3rd AC and Sleeper berths. The train leaves at 3.45 PM and reaches its destination at 12.15 PM on the 3rd day of the journey. In all, the train takes 44 hours and 30 minutes to complete its journey.

The train covers a distance of 2135 kms and stops at 59 stations during the entire journey. For those traveling at short notice, Tatkal facility is available where one can get confirmed tickets by paying Tatkal charges. The fare of a 2nd AC ticket is Rs. 1915, a 3rd AC ticket is Rs. 1388 and a Sleeper ticket is Rs. 504.

Mumbai-Kanyakumari Express No. 6382 runs from Kanyakumari to Mumbai CST. This daily train begins its journey at 5.30 AM and reaches its destination at 4.50 PM on the 3rd day. In all, the train takes 47 hours and 20 minutes to complete its journey. The train stops at 59 stations over its 2135 km journey.

This train takes a round about route via Pune, Tirupati, Salem, Coimbatore, Ernakulam and Trivandrum. This train does not pass through the Konkan stretch. It passes through Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu before reaching Kerala.

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