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Visit to Murudeshwara

'''Visit to [[Murudeshwara]] - Impact of Pandavas and Visit'''

'''Pandavas''' had visited this place and it is said that '''Yudhistira''' the eldest of the pandavas asked '''Bhima''' to fetch water from the ganges to perform pooja to the Lingam here. '''Bhima''' prayed to the Lord to bestow him the water. But when his entreaties failed, he banged his head against the earth, and hence '''Lord Shiva''' appeared before him. The Lord ordered that the '''Ganga''' would flow from the place where '''Bhima''' banged his head. Hence this spring on '''Kanduka hill''' is known as '''Bhima theertha.''' A bath in these theertha is supposed to bestow good health.

In the early 20th century this ancient temple was almost in ruin and in 1935 the inner sanctum was on the verge of collapse. Later '''Sri R.N. Shetty''' drawing inspiration from the '''Vivekananda rock memorial''' in '''Kanyakumari''', too the initiative to reconstruct and renovate this temple. In 1977 he took up the services of hundreds of master sculptors from '''Tamilnadu''' and began his work on the temple. He used granite extensively, but cement and mortar were used only whenever necessary. The temple and Shiva’s statue was accessed by steps. The sanctum of the deity is gold plated. Also on the hill is the colorful life size images of '''Veda vyasa''' dictating '''Mahabharatha''' to '''Lord Ganesha'''.

At the edge of the cliff, facing the sea os the grand chariot of '''Suryanarayana''' (the Sun god). The depiction of '''Lord Krishna''' as the charioteer to '''Arjuna''', in '''Kurukshetra''' is on the other end of the cliff. Near the main temple is a circular theatre where the sound and display presentation of the entire Atma lingam episode is played every few minutes.

'''How to visit [[Murudeshwara]]'''

'''[[Murudeshwara]] is 455 kms from Bangalore'''. It is at a deviation of 1km from the National highway 17, between the towns of '''Honnavar''' and '''Bhatkal''' (16kms). Those coming from '''Idagunji''' have to pass through '''Honnavar''' to come here. An arch is present at the entrance from the main highway to mark [[Murudeshwara]]. The town has a station and is on the konkan rail route. '''Mangalore''' (165 kms) is the nearest airport. Accomodation is available in the hotels and eateries around the temple. Plently is also available on the road to NH 17.

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