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Navratri Fair

This fair is held in Rajasthan during the Navratri celebrations in the month of November. It is commemorated as a welcome to the approaching festive season of the Pujas and so is celebrated with complete gusto. The nine days of the fair are enjoyed by not only the locals but people coming from all over the city. It is written in hindu mythology that the goddess Durga, fought the demon Mahisasura to save the people from damnation, and on the ninth day emerged victorious after slaying him which is the reason for the Puja festivals. It is believed that during the nine days of Navratri the goddess dons nine different forms, carrying a different weapon each day, and comes to protect her devotees from the snares of the demons.

People chant hymns, pray

People from all over the city, come to join in the celebrations, and worship the goddess Durga together. They chant hymns, pray, fast and make offerings of all kinds to the goddess. These offerings are later shared among themselves as Prasad which they take to be the blessings of the Mother Goddess.

People participation

The atmosphere is filled with joy and excitement. People dress in new and fancy garments and they participate with zest in all the activities. They first visit the shrines erected in the goddess’ honour and seek her blessings after which merriment commences in full swing. There are vendors around the area selling food, sweets, fruits and other knick-knacks which brings out the more social aspect of the fair and adds to the enjoyment.