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Nagari in Chitoor district of <a href="/node/72826">Andhra Pradesh</a> is on the Tamil nadu border. The Chennai – <a href="/node/63694">Tirupati</a> bus services via the other great temple of Tiruttani pass through Nagari. Sri Kariya Manikyaswami temple is said to be the place where Lord Vishnu saved his devotee Gajendra the elephant from the jaws of a crocodile. This episode occurs in Bhagavatam.

According to the great scripture, abandoned by his fellow members and faced by certain death he realized at the last hour that he has wasted his life going after superficial pleasures and in the service of his family. He then turns to Narayana the protector of the universe and pleads for help. Narayana hears Gajendra’s cries and slices the crocodile’s throat with his Chakrayudha (discus).

This story impacts all common people who waste their life the same way Gajendra did before the crocodile incident. This episode is referred to as the Gajendramoksham in the Mahabhagavatam. The Nagari temple is small with a modest tower of three tiers. It is an ancient temple which is about ten minutes walk from the highway. The shrine which was renovated recently is maintained by TTD.

How to Reach Nagari

Nagari is 51 kms from Tirupati on the Andhra side and from Chennai (79 kms). It is on the Tiruttani route and can be accessed in 90 minutes. Accomodation is available at Tirupati or Chennai.