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Nagrik Suraksha Policy From Oriental Insurance Company

The Oriental Insurance company has designed this policy for people of India where between the ages of 5 to 70 years can avail this policy in case of family package and 18 to 70 years for individual or group cover. The policy duration for individual is between 1 to 4 years and for group policies is for 12 months. The minimum insurance sum is Rs. 1 lac and a maximum of Rs. 5 lacs.

'''Risks covered'''

It covers for accidental injuries, hospitalisation, death, partial disablement, permanent disablement up to 20% of the insured sum resulting from an accident.

The Oriental Insurance Company designed the Nagrik suraksha policy which is a combination of the hospitalisation insurance policy and personal accident insurance (where the former is of Mediclaim nature). This policy is available to the citizens of India only.


If there is death then the insurance will cover 100% of the sum insured. For loss of two limbs or two hands or two eyes or one hand and/or one foot and/or eye 100% of the insured sum will be compensated. For total permanent disablement then 100% of sum insured. For 40% of disability in aggregate resulted in bodily injury as assessed by the attending physician then 40% or more than 40% of the total sum insured will be compensated.

For hospitalisation claims the amount will be payable during 12months/each period of the policy within the limit of insured sum is a maximum of 20% and during the policy period the unavailable sum will not be carried forward.