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Nandigram Express

'''Nandigram Express''' is a Mail Express train that runs from '''Nagpur to CST Mumbai'''. Train No.1402 travels from Nagpur To Mumbai on a daily basis. Nandigram Express departs at 6.00 AM and reaches Mumbai the next day at 5.40 AM. In all, the train takes 23 hours and 40 minutes to complete the journey.

Train No.1401 travels from Mumbai to Nagpur daily. It departs from Mumbai at 4.35 PM and reaches 6.30 PM basis. Nandigram Express departs at 4.35 PM and reaches Nagpur the next day at 6.20 PM taking 25 hours and 45 minutes for the 1150 km journey.

While other trains from Nagpur to Mumbai travel about 850 kilometers and complete the journey in about 12 hours or even less, Nandigram Express takes more than 24 hours to travel 1150 km.

The reason for this delay is obvious from the fact that the train touches Wani, Nanded, Parbhani and Manmad before reaching Mumbai. This train is preferred by those who want to visit the Sai Baba temple at Shirdi. They disembark at Manmad and travel to Shirdi by cab or bus.

You can '''book your seats on Nandigram Express''' in 2nd AC, 3rd AC or 2nd Class Sleeper Coach. The fare for 2nd AC is Rs. 1348, for 3rd AC is Rs. 980 and is Rs. 350 for Sleeper berth. You can book your tickets at short notice by paying Tatkal charges as this facility is available on Nandigram Express.


i request the railway authority to reduced the train timing of nandigram exp for reaching either side of the destination actually train takes abnormal time between adilabad and nagpur that is unwarrented

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