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Navavarana Puja

It is a long as well as a complex ritual. This ritual is also known to be the circumambulation of Sri Chakra that operates to transform the character of sadhaka or sadhika. Navavarana mainly refers to the nine varnas that constitute Sri Chakra.

The first and foremost thing that a devotee needs to do is to memorize the sequence regarding the various powers of gods and goddesses are situated. This is very complicated process and devotees must keep their head straight in order to perform this ritual perfectly. Therefore huge amount of memory, concentration and visualization is needed for the successful completion of this ritual.

One can get to know about the sequences of Navavarana Puja from Khadgamala Stotram, which was basically created for this purpose. It is a mneumonic device and if a person has managed to learn it then they are able to perform the whole Khadgamala within a very short time. By this way a person can be benefitted from Navavarana Puja.

The entire Navavarana is very complicated and for this reason a person must help the necessary help from a qualified guru. So this is what Navavarana Pujais all about. It gives an individual immense mind power that helps him or her, the power to overcome any obstacle in their lives. It is very complex puja since one need to the sequence of various powers of the gods and goddesses. But if someone has managed to do this then it is sure that no one on this world can defeat him or her.

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