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Niranjan Shah

Niranjan Rasiklal Shah or Niranjan Shah as popularly known is current BCCI Board Secretary. He was born on 4th June, 1944 in Rajkot, Gujarat. He is a left hand batsman, served Indian cricket for almost 10 years with his good fielding and batting averages skills. Mr. Niranjan was a representative of domestic circuit of India, “Saurashtra”. He played his first match against Gujarat in the year of 1965 and won first ever Ranji Trophy for the Saurashtra cricket team.

Family Background of Niranjan Shah

Mr. Niranjan Shah is a well-renowned person in the cricket industry. Jaydev Niranjan Shah, following the footsteps of his father Niranjan Shah is one of the best players of Mumbai Indians and is very important left hand batsman.

Born on: 4th June, 1944
Occupation: Cricketer, Board Secretary BCCI
Age: 65 years

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