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No Objection Certificate

No Objection Certificate

A No Objection Certificate is a document which can be either formal or informal type. It is a document which would state that either the person or authority who is going to issue this No Objection Certificate has no objection or they wont object those points or details or the agreement that is mentioned in the certificate issued by them. This type of No Objection Certificate is normally used in case of employment, immigration or any other normal matters regarding the litigation.

Under the employment category, when you are going to attend an interview in any concern or bank, then you will be asked to produce a No Objection Certificate from the current employer at the time of interview. The certificate thus issued by the present employer should state the following that they have no objection for the particular person to attend the interview for a particular post at so and so concern or bank.

Sometimes, a No Objection Certificate will also be issued to certain staffs when are going to apply for a new passport or when they need to renew their passport that they already have. Under this case, the certificate will be issued either by the Branch manager or by the Head of the department under which the staff is working. This is will be issued only when a prior approval is obtained from the Controlling authority of that department.

In case of applying for a new passport as said above, it would be the entire responsibility of the person who is going to apply to produce the No Objection Certificate. This has to be obtained by them from the following three agencies directly:

  • Concerned passport office,
  • Concerned State government and
  • Ministry of human resource development.

But in case of remitting the payments to a non resident, there is no requirement of submitting the No Objection Certificate which is obtained from the IT Department.


i wanted to apply for an a passport .my quiery is that should aa wife get a no objection certificate from a husband to apply a passport.plz reply thankyou

I want to apply for an a new passport, how to apply a NOC certificate to my superior official in the department of post.

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