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Part Time Internships India

There are many institutes that are working in close regard with different international based programs that offer the part time internship programs which are meant only for the selected students in India and abroad. The course is offered to those who are actually post graduates as well as pre-graduate and are very much eager to experience the day to day public policy. The '''part time internships''' help them to continue with their present job or study as well as pursue the Internship programs.

==Part time Internships in Indian Colleges and Universities==

Internship has been given a complete new picture in the recent days. Few of the universities or organizations that offers internship program are:

* NFP Internship Scheme at the Institute for Plasma Research
* Summer Training with Ace Technologies
* Summer Internship with Progressive Health Worldwide’s (PHWW) Karnataka, India

==Eligibility Criteria for Part Time Internships India==

The students must also be eligible in some criteria that are solely devised for these students. For instance the candidate who wants to pursue part time internship program must be having a minimum of 3.0 in their over all GPA, which is evaluated on the 4.0 scale especially for the non US Institution. The candidate must also be eligible to work in the foreign countries.

'''Programs Elements of Part time Internships'''

* This form of internship contains various preparatory courses that are of different time length. In some of the institute the time duration is of 10 hours as in the other it is of one week. However, all the durations are based on the nature of the course itself?
* There are also different natures of lecture series that are duly called as spring, summer as well as winter terms that are actually included in the part time internship.
* Researches advising in the various forms of Institutes are also a key part in this format of the Internship program.

==Course Structure of Part time Internships==

This form of Internship is usually divided into three types of semesters. In major of the Institutes they are known as Spring Semester, Fall Semester and Summer Semester. Usually each semester is of two and a half months in duration. It should be also recalled that many types of part time internship are non-paid. Hence, the candidates who want to release one self from the financial burden must do a part time internship