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Part time research

The number of research education students is increasing day by day. Some of the research work students are invisible and those students are called part time research student. Today this thing has been noticed that the part time research students complete their courses more successfully than the full time research students. But they face less infrastructure support than full time programme student. Actually, research degrees were awarded to those students who gave some independent contributions to any subject. The number of works depends upon the subject and institution. It is very much different from that of undergraduate students. It is actually a very good experience to talk with research students and researches. Some of the research councils give funds for the research works.

Eligibility criteria for Part time research

(1) Applicant must have Ph.D. degrees as well as good academic performance. (2) His or Her research papers must be published. (3) Applicant must have at least first class in post graduate and at least 55% in graduation. (4) He or She must not exceed the age limit of 50 years by the date of the last date of submission of the application form. (5) The details of the published research papers are required. (6) 1 passport size photograph with duly signed. (7) Everyone should have their master degree.

How to apply for Part time research

The candidates who want to take admission in these courses can go to any of the colleges that offer this course and then follow up the admission norms. There are certain of the well developed colleges that take entrance test for the admission. These entrance exams are conducted at the selected centres throughout the length and breadth of India. Candidates are selected on the basis of the marks scored by them in the respective colleges entrance exam.

There are some alternative to take funds from the respective universities: (1) University scholarship. (2) Trusts and charities. (3) Employer sponsorship. (4) Personal savings. (5) Research and graduate teaching experience.

Admission requirement for part time for M.Sc. & PhD

(1) Applicant must have honours degree in science. (2) At least 78% academic performance is required for the final 2 years of undergraduate programme. (3) The students must have their TOFEL exam rank card. (4) The photocopy is not acceptable, only original copy is required.

Name of the Institutes offering this course

• Delhi University • Delhi Business Management Institutes • Bharati Vidhyapeeth Institute of Management & Research, Delhi • Madras University

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