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Passenger Reservation System

Indian Railway has got a full proof reservation system that is known as Passenger Reservation System or PRS. It has got a vast network of reservation terminals and satellite reservation offices. This is to help passenger get reservation easily. To facilitate hassle free reservation Indian railway has divided the entire network into five reservation hubs. The five hubs are Secunderbad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Now this five hubs are joined together to facilitate reservation. The integrated system is useful for passenger in getting reservation from any where and in any train. Earlier, such reservation was not possible and a passenger was facing a lot of hardship to get reservation for the return journey or in different trains that was not touching a particular station.

But thanks to the PRS system now every kind of reservation is possible. Now one can plan one’s entire journey and reserve one’s ticket as per one’s requirement in the trains of one’s choice. Further, whether reservation is available or not or when will be available is just a mouse click away. The development of PRS is a milestone in the annals of Indian Railway.

Today, this vast system is accessible in the internet and this has facilitated easy reservation from the cozy comfort of one’s house. Today thanks to the development of information system, even cell phone companies have been providing reservation through cell phone. A cell phone holder is given access to the system and a ticket is delivered or he or she is asked to collect his ticket. Money is taken from the cell phone balance. Even Atms of various banks are being used to make reservation which has brought a revolution in reservation sector.

The traditional manual reservation system has given way to such an advanced system. Today not all stations are provided with quotas but all are able to get refund. During the entire journey of a train only four or five locations are provided with quota. This has allowed the passenger to access to a pool of quota located at the Originating station. This accessibility of a large number of quotas has increased the chances of getting reservation which was not possible when there was quota in every station. Thanks to such a system Indian railway has been earning a lot as all its quotas are being used to the maximum.

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