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Passport Status Mumbai

The passport office Mumbai offers services to citizens of Districts of Aurangabad, Beed, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg in Maharashtra and union Territory of Daman & Silvassa. Once you applied for a passport or any service related to passport, you can check your passport status either online or through tele-enquiry.

Online Status Enquiry
For checking status of your passport in Mumbai regional passport office, you can log on to Once you log onto this site you will be asked to enter your file no which starts with an alphabetic and followed by six digits for example A123456. You also need to select the year in which you applied for the passport. Generally, three consecutive years starting from current year are displayed in the drop down list of the year. Once you enter your file no., select the year and click on submit button you will get status of your passport displayed on the screen. There is a disclaimer on this site which says that “Information provided through this web site are, only informative in nature and should not be constructed as statement of the law”, which means the information is just to you to know the status of the application it may vary in actual.

Status through Tele - Enquiry
To check your passport status through tele – enquiry, the regional passport office Mumbai has provided two telephone numbers. The following are the phone numbers,
022-24931731, 022-24965555. You can call to these numbers between office timings that is from 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM to know your status of passport. You need have your file no. ready when calling the passport office Mumbai as this is the reference for your application.

Travel Agent
If you are a busy person and cannot do the follow ups of your passport application frequently, then it is better to approach a travel agent. It may cost a few bugs more but its worth. To know your passport status you can just give a call your travel agent; they will let you know all the details of your passport. There are authorized travel agents in Mumbai who can provide best passport services and travel services


what is about my passport status, file no- A 011414 Key no- 6501141410, please check my detail,

hi i want to know about my passport status because it was getting dispatched on 9th june still now i have nt yet recieved

hi i want to know about my passport status because it was getting dispatched on 9th june still now i have nt yet recieved

hi i want to know about my passport status because it was getting dispatched on 22th June still now i have not yet received

I want to know when the passport application's Police inquiry goes through for an application of 11/05/2010. File no# Z922659, Key No#9092265910.

Sir, I have submitted my passport application on 26th Feb 2010 and till today I have not recieved it. Police verification has been done twice but still it show police verification report not recieved . Can you please look in to this. File ref E008891. thanks.

Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that, I had applied for the PASSPORT SINCE, last 06 months on following name Jatin M Malaviya Jagruti J Malaviya Sagar J Malaviya My agent Mr. S. KUMAR, since last 06 months he is just lingering and not giving the exact status and file no, can you help me for the same, how to proceed for the pass passport. My no : +919820414124

i have done online application i got file no. But i had not taken printout now where i can get print screen of application and o m putting this on status but it shows wrong no. I m unable toget status or print can someone please please helpme call me on 9594182936

Hello, we have applied for passport on 10th of july with a personal travel agent. Have not receive the file no or the reference no. If you can check by name applied and get the staus,so please help us out. The following names we have applied for: 1) Mr.Surinder Makanlal Lamba 2) Mrs.Kamlesh Surinder Lamba 3) Mr. Gaurav Surender Lamba Waiting for your reply

sir i have submitted all my documents for passport on 07/08/2010..nd my xpected delivery date given is after 90 days but my status shows dat police report is incomplete and the case is can u tell me why is dat happend....

i have submited my passport document on 13th july 2010 & till today i have not received it,my police verification has been done twice, but still it show police verification report not been received, can u please look in to this file no E028683 AND KEY NO.6902868310

sir, i have applied for passport but i lost my receipt than how i find my status of passport ...can you plies help me ... my police verification has been done....

Hi! I just want to know about the passport status, it is now 7 months since I applied thru' a travel agency. They did not followup and now I am worried. The online status shows application is in process. Passport applications nos. are - BOM-E018991-10 BOM-E018993-10 Please help

i have not received my passport till today file No;-Z968884, Key No;-9096888410

Dear sir, I mr.eric sanil has submitted my passport application on 9th of november 2010,I have completed my police varification,and so far I have no idea what is the status. Actually I have lost my receipt in new passport office, so I cannot check my passport status on line,my online passport application printed no was BOMI442050-10, my mobile no is 9819940166,my landline no is 26049017,my e-mail Id is I will be very grateful and Thankful to if you can help to sort out my problem and let me know how to check my passport details on line. Thanking you best wishes and regerds.


I have applied for my passport on 22 November 2010 for my parents, myself and 2 younger brothers, the police report is clear but we have not got our passport as yet and I need my passport within 10 days because I am going abroad soon for some 20 days. I checked the status, they said that I will have to wait for my parents' passport because I am a minor and after I get my parents' passport, I will have to give them the xerox of it and then only I will get mine. The issue is that I have not yet got my parent's passport, so when will I get mine?? Someone please help, are there any other options?? U can contact me on 9987876824 

Sir, I have submitted my passport application on 4th january 2011 and till today i have not received it. Police verification has been done, but still it shows police verification has not been received. Can you please look in this. File no:-H000055 and H000056

Hi, i have applied for passport on 3rd january 2011 and still my status for passport is showing as police verification not received as i have completed everything and also verifications haas been done. Can u let me know the status file no:A000181 Key no:6500018111

Hi, i have applied for passport on December 2010 and still my status for passport is showing as police verification not received as i have completed everything and also Police verifications has been done. Please let me know the status. file no:B042440 Key no:6604244010 Rgds,

Why on earth will anybody use abusive language or spam if things are done in the right ways . WITHOUT CORRUPTION ie. One thing more if its possible to get the passports updates by name ,that could be fantastic cos you know how the agents mint money by fooling the innocent people & using all sorts of excuse to juice more out of the poor & illiterate people .

I had applied for my son’s passport on January 2011. The application date was 27/01/2011.But for the past few weeks I am getting on line status as “ Your application is in process”. What is the meaning of this status? Is there anything to be done from our side? I do not understand why the Worli Passport Office is taking so long to issue a new passport to a minor even when police clearance is not in picture. Secondly, if there is any problems, why is the Passport Office not displaying on the online status or giving some sort of feedback. Applicant's Name : EVAN LEMUEL ANANDA File Reference Number : BOM-G003383-11

I have the same problem with my son's passport. I applied for wife's passport and son's passport at same time ,i.e 23 dec 2010 , i got wife's passport on 20 feb 2011 but son's status is same "Application is in process" And to top it off the tele enquiry phone number never works. truly , "Mera bharat mahan"


my file no is b037410 date of despatche is 27.04.2011 i havent recieved yet what is the matter can tell me?

I had applied passport on 08 February 2011 submitted from Mumbai GPO office, CST (VT), Mumbai, vide File No. BOMI05631011. Police verification has been done. Kindly let me know status of the same. Kind regards, SHUBHANGI RAJAYYA YELIGETI Cell No. 9967321130

Respested father &mother has applied fr passport FILE NO W10086211.mother W10086111.still police report pending.pls look into it.

sir, I applied for renewal of my and family members on 05/04/2011 as per file no noted below.but still have not received the same please expedite the matter as we have to go out for marriage at singapore. 1- BOM E014020 RADHIKA MOHTA 2- BOM G011319 AMRIT MOHTA 3- BOM L014996 PURUSOTTAM MOHTA 4- BOM L014998 BIMLA DEVI MOHTA PLEASE HELP THANKS.

sir, I have been adviced to meet PRO. with some documents.please let me know the cabin no and address where I can meet My file no BOM E014020 RADHIKA MOHTA.

Applicatin for my new passport dated 10.03.2011. File Reference Number BOM-W150074-11 Passport not yet recd.why? My phone nos: 23698207,9820170794 Please reply.Thanks,

File Reference Number : BOM-W150074-11 Application dated 10.03.2011 Why passport not yet recd? Phone Nos:23698207,9820170794

my file no 6900848011 i am applied apassport 28 /2/2011 ple see my pp is where .

I have applied for my passport on 25-07-2011, vide file no. BOM-Z488072-11, my police verification report is sent to the passport office, but still the status online is Police Verification not yet received. Please help as I need it to be done in tatkal and visit to Mumbai passport office.

Hi. My name is Ashish Sukthankar and my file refference number is A016377. I applied for passport on 4th May 2011 but not yet recieved the passport. Police verification is clear but the online status shows Your application is in process since the last 2 months. Can you help me in this matter. Contact me on 8097416045. Ashish Sukthankar

we had complited all the formalities on 16/08/11 for passport, but still we had not received Passport.we need urgent passport because we had planed for spent Diwali Vacation in Dubai.This is my children passport application.Pls needfull to us. Parth Bhatt File no is - Z 969866 & Parshwa Bhatt File No. - Z 969865. Please give me urgent replay & deliver the passport at our door steep.

respected sir/madam ... my file no is :- A035295.. MY Application Date : 30-09-2011 MY MOBILE NO :- 9821879285 SIR/MADAM :- I HAS NOT RECEIVED MY PASSPORT YET ..PLZ LET ME KNOW WHEN I GET MY PASSPORT ...THANK YOU :)

My Police verification is over on 12.10.2011. I have still not received the passport. Is there any procedure where i can get my passport with a day or two. Status of passport on internet is showing as "police verification over shall despatch the pass port by 25-11-2011 Please help in getting my passport.

Hello I have applied for Passport on 14-Oct-2011, Police verification is cleared but still status on passport site is not showing any updates. I458565 is my file number from Mumbai in 2011.

I hv applied for renew my possport on 20.10.2011, my police verification has been done, but still it show police verification report not been received. kindly guide me why? why? why? why? why? n where to ask you these question???????????????

I hv applied for renew my passport on 20.02.2012, my police verification has been done, but still it show police verification report not been received. kindly guide me why?Its very urgent n where to ask you these question?File no.E006750