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Passport office Timings

Passport Office timings in India are as follows,

Status Enquiry Help Counter – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm
Submission of applications – 10.00 am to 01.00 pm
Miscellaneous Services – 10.00 am to 12.30 pm
Delivery of miscellaneous services – 02.30 pm to 04.30 pm
Delivery of passport if completed – 04.30 pm to 5.30 pm

In general, all passport offices in India work from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm, from Monday to Friday. Saturday & Sunday the passport offices do not work.

To meet a passport officer you have to visit the passport office and take a token given at the token distribution counter.

The above timings may vary a little bit for some passport offices in India. It’s better to call your nearest passport office to know exact timings.

For Indian Passport Processing Time would be as follows,

For fresh passport
For issuing a fresh passport it will take 6 – 8 weeks time. If applied under tatkal scheme it will take 1 – 2 weeks of time.

For Reissue
For reissue of Indian passport it will take 4 -6 weeks of time. If applied under tatkal scheme it will take around 1 – 2 weeks of time.

If you are a busy person and cannot do the follows of your passport application frequently, then it is better to approach a travel agent. It may cost a few bugs more but its worth.

Apply for Passport
If you have registered online then you will be given an appointment date and time, you need to submit the printed application form in the passport office at the given date and time. The passport application can be submitted at

  • The counter of the passport office
  • The speed post centers
  • District passport cells
  • Passport collection centers

An application for a passport may be submitted personally or through a representative carrying an authority letter.

Tatkal Scheme
For people who have an urgency to travel and need passport there is a tatkal scheme in which passport is issued less time than the normal procedure. There will an additional fee for applying under tatkal scheme. For applying under tatkal scheme you need to mention in the online application form. Before filling the online application form, please make sure you can submit the completed application form on the given date and time along with the specified fee and necessary documents.


i have a valid passport and my problem is it is damaged a little and i do have to change my address , can u pls help me out that how many days will it take to renew my passport in tatkal . pls guide me .

if i have applied my passport under tatkaal scheme but due to some problem i was unable to be in the passport office lucknow on the same date. how could i get the new date for submission of my papers under tatkaal scheme again

Respected sir,I am Zuber Pathan from Gujarat city-Surat. I want apply passport under tatkaal scheme for job in Dubai.Actually I am applying for the first time. So what will b the process i have to go.Can this process may happened online or do i have to go for office. where i have to go.How much will b the cost.And more importantly sir i want to have passport within 1-2 week.

sir, i have applied for the passport online and due to some reason i was unable to go to the passport office 'mallapuram'...what shold i do to get a new date for submitting my application?

i applied my passport for ECNR on 15-11-2010, with id no-HYDM046881-10, how much time it will take to get my passport, i got my visa, please in this regard.

Dear Sir, I have applied for fresh passport and submitted form in the ITO passport office, Zafar Marg,New Delhi dated at January 16,2015. My name is Mohammad Ausaf Zaya,passport File No. is DL1068403300215.I have done Enquiry in permanent address "Harewa,Salkhua Bazaar,Saharsa,Bihar-852126"dated at February 21,2015.During this I don't know what is status of our passport. My current address is "646/22C,Zakir Nagar,Jamia Nagar,Okhla,New Delhi-110025.My contact No.+919990124326. My e-mail ID is "". Can you tell me what is processing of my passport. Mohammad Ausaf Zaya.

1) I need to apply for passport is it required for working visa for australia. 2) as the present address i am located is bangalore (its present and permanent address) and wht documents are required in order to sumbit for verification.

Hi, i have applied for passport on 28th of May but i didn't had birth certificate. So,they ask me to come on 30th june for submitting the birth certificate but due to some reason i cannot go on 30th June in this case can i go to passport office any other day ? Regards

Hi, i have applied for passport on 28th of May but i didn't had birth certificate. So,they ask me to come on 30th june for submitting the birth certificate but due to some reason i cannot go on 30th June in this case can i go to passport office any other day ? Regards

Hello, It's been 8months still I have not got my passport. When I walked in to the passport office they said will dispatch shortly. Still waiting for passport Becoz of dis it's affecting my career this is really ridiculous waiting for long day. police verification is cleared from my side still what's the reason kept on hold kindly revert back..

Hi I want to reapply for police verification could you please explain the process and required documents I need to submit. As per the computer PVR my passport status is incomplete. Could you please help me out

Dear Sir, I have applied passport to my daughter due to daughter unavailable at the time of enquiry so again we sent show cause letter as per your requirement but still not received passport kindly do the needful.....HY5068733930315

asmi is my doughter.25 day gon on no rep from ur side .aplliction send to police verifiction.satus shows passport appln is under review at regional passport office. What mean of this.we got file no PN1069657096216 DOB 19/12/2010, asmi aupkumar ghodekar type normal.appln received on date 1902/2016, Not any progress rep from ur side.we mail ur mail id .they gv rep.appl send to next officer otherwise call call center psk.we call that plce they gv mail id to mail on that site.what gon on nt understand.plz rep as soon as no 9404683815 Thank you

Hellow, Just i applied passpord past 5 months back,but still i did not get my passport(My police verification also done very shortly).what could be reson for am not getting my passport? please help me sir/ application number is :HY206890884571(DOB 16 march,1990). Thanks, selva.

Respected mam/sir. Respected mam/sir. My self geetha eluri ,FIle no- HY2069333938316. I applied passport on 4th may 2016 and the Police verification is also completed for my present address and permanent address but still the status of verification is showing police verification is not clear and application is under review in regional office... Please let me know what are the status DOB-06-04-1994

My name is Vivek sahni . My file no. Is JP2070109417216 and my birthdate is 04/08/2002 . My police verification has been conpleted and i have also visited jaipur passport office once. I require my passport urgently because i have to leave for srilanka on date 18/08/2016 with my family. So i am requesting you to please issue my passport urgently .

please note that by mistake in my previous address i have mentioned that i have stayed there from my birth date till August 2007. in my present address i have mentioned that i have been staying there from april 2016 (less than a year). i was not aware that while applying for passport, if the current has less than a year timr frame, it will be a problem. before, april 206, i stayed in PGs. after that i got married and shifted to a rented place with my husband. please help me what i need to do?

Respected sir/madam I am seema subudhi from bbsr .i had already applied for passport but for police verification it had been sent to khordha police station and i my nearby police station is chandrasekhar how can i change my police station from khordha police station to bhubaneswar chandrasekharpur police station.plaese reply to it.

Dear Seema, You cannot select or change the police station. The police station will be automatically selected based on the residential address you have provided. If you find any issues with it, please contact the passport application center and ask for the clarification. They will be able to guide you correctly.