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Pay LIC through credit card

Credit card was found to avoid losing the money or avoid taking the money with you. It was also invented for the online transaction process. Now there are many ways to protect your credit card. You can link it with either VISA or the master card to have a security.

The Life Insurance Corporation offers us the facility of paying the premium or the amount online. This is referred as the online payment of the bill. You can pay your bill online to the LIC by transferring money through your credit card. LIC has taken steps to have a secure transaction.

You can take the credit the cards to counter and also use it. The LIC provides you the facility of paying the money through the credit card in their branch offices too. After checking the amount in your bank the transaction process is done. With the help of the credit cards, you can pay the bill online too. This will help you in saving your time.

Another advantage is that you can pay the bill instantly. One other benefit is that there is no necessity of travel to the branch office to pay the bill. You can simply make the payment from your house or from your office.

If you remember the payment in last minute, you no need to hurriedly go to the branch and pay the bill. Instead you can make the payment online through your credit card. One other thing is when you have a credit card and make the pay online, you can avoid standing in the long queue to make the payment. When you make payment via the credit card, you can get the tax exception.

Have a credit card and make the payment without last minute tensions and queues!

==How to pay LIC Premium through Credit Card==

'''LIC''' is equipped with online payment gateway to help its customers to make a payment with the click of button.This online payment facility is available only to registered customers who have enrolled their policies for such payments.

LIC premiums can be paid by

# By net-banking using Bank Accounts and Debit Cards
# Credit Card payment

'''Steps for making on-line payments'''

1. Enroll the policy to make premium payments on-line
2. Select the policy for which you want to make the payment
3. After log in, a page will open with multiple bank options
4. Select the bank of your choice
5. Log in to the bank site with net- banking user name and password.
6. Specify the total amount to be paid to LIC
7. Verify the amount and confirm the transaction
8. Wait for successful transactions to flash on the screen.
9. The customer will receive a digitally signed e-receipt which will be emailed to their respective account.
10. Verify the digital signature on the e-receipt.

'''Benefits of online payment'''

1. No time lag from the date of payment to obtaining of receipts.
2. A secure arrangement as data is not shared with any outsider.
3. No charges to avail this facility.


Is payment using credit card possible ? I tried to make the payment, but found no option of credit card there. It only has Debit card (2 banks) and net banking (almost all banks) options.

Online Bill Payment facility on is available to all ICICI Bank account and Credit card holders.For bills paid through your ICICI Bank Credit Card, nominal charges per transaction will be levied. So through icicibank website, we can pay thru bank account or creditcard.

Hi, I paid my LIC premium last year using online transaction. I have now forgot my passward and the email address is of my previous organisation which is not working now. If I go to the LIC site for re-registration, it gives me error as registration number already exists. Please tell me how can I reset the password or register m policy again in order to pay the bill online.... thanks Neelam

It seems that online LIC premium payment can be done only through debit card / net banking only. Option for Premium payment through credit card is not available. If this option is available, can any one explain how to do it?

it seems that onlione LIC premium payment can be done only through credit card net banking thanks

LIC has clarified that you can make LIC premia payment online from your bank a/c (i.e. instantaneous transfer, like a debit card) of many banks. For that you have to register LIC as a biller (request through your online banking, then wait for LIC to confirm). Every time there is a premium to be paid, you can go online and pay (either after a prompt from LIC/bank). You can't pay by credit card like for other transactions. You can't do that from LIC site. But you can register at the bank card site (e.g., not There you have to add LIC as a biller. But this system works through "Bill Junction" (you will find the logo at the corner of the page), which has categorized billers as Categories 1 or 2. (You will get to know this when you find the clicks required). LIC (and most insurance companies)is a Category 2. Any category-2 biller transaction will require you to pay 1.8% addl. as "Convenience Charges" (for convenience of Bill Junction) in addition to the premium. This you will come to know when you try one transaction. You do not have to complete the transaction and save the convenience charges, and forget about Bill Junction. But there is another option for SBI card. You can call them on the toll free 1800-180-1290 or the other nos. and ask them to include as Easy Bill pay after giving policy number etc -- choose "call and pay" option (if you choose "automatic" option, it will be paid automatically). You will get a prompt on your email and you can call them back after that confirming that the premium can be paid; and you will the get a transaction id. Please note that the grace period for qly. and above premia of 1 month can not be availed in either case. Your premium (with no charges) will be included in the next bill. If you call them after 16th, you can delay the debit in the next month's statement. Good Luck. Note: The SBI-card Help Line numbers may test your patience and no one can help if you can't get connected to them; esp if you are travelling outside the country.(at least for 14 days as their website says, for attending to your query)

Any problem to LIC if their customers pay thro credit card online? It has to become as convenient to the customers as possible. It will have to come out from that conventional zone of govt enterprises,I think.

Actually U Have to fill a bill payments form it will be available at ur local branch of where u get the creditcard...where u mention the details such as LIC,AIRTEL,BSNL Bill Payments etc......

Hi, I am having CITI Bank and HSBC credit card and I have seen that we need to regsiter LIC as an biller from the respective web site. After the regsitration from the Credit Card web site you can pay the LIC bill. I have regsitered my LIC policy today in my HSBC and it will take 8 days to be added in my List. Once it is added, i can clarify more on this issue. Thanks SSB

i have hdfc golden women credit card,i want to pay my lic premiums thro that ,kidly help me how to do.

Hi SSB, Were you able to get your LIC policy added in HSBC. In HSBC while adding a biller it is just asking for Policy number and Premium amount. Also, it's asking for location, does location matters? I mean which location I should enter? I have taken my LIC policy from a very small city which is not available under city list provided by HSBC site. Please let me know were you able to make it? Thanks, Praveen

How i pay my LIC premium thru my ICICI master credit card. Kindly explain or send the link ? Await reply. Abhinatre Gupta 9313105773

Sir, How can I pay my LIC premium through HDFC credit card.myself lokush kumar contact me on my cell phone no +918979444650 plz reply soon

I have ICICI VISA Credit Card. I want to pay my LIC premium through my credit card. Please send me link so i pay my LIC premium through my Credit Card

Its not so complicated. Just logon to and register your policy. Pay in a second and get the receipt. You can use any credit/debit/netbanking for it. Raj

Yes....Now LIC site has option to pay premium using Credit simple as we pay our mobile bill or any other...create an account on lic website and register your pay .........

Hi, PAY LIC thru VISA credit card, it is collecting all details and passwords of card and coming to LIC portal, but the recipt is not getting generated. i tried 5 times with different cards, not sure what is going to happen. any one please suggest wht the mess is this? Is realy LIC introduced CC payment gateway?

Please logon to following site to pay online LIC Premium.

Sir, How can I pay my LIC premium through Vijaya Bank credit card.myself sharadkumar plz reply soon

I have ICICI Bank Mastercard Credit Card. I want to pay my LIC premium through my credit card. Please send me link so I pay my LIC premium through my Credit Card

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