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Payment Of Amusement Taxes Of Kmc

Kolkata Municipal Corporation was established on 1873. It is divided in 15 parts. Amusement Department of KMC falls under one of the 15 departments. The amusement department of KMC issues amusement license for business related activities such as theatres, cinema houses, circuses, fairs, dancing halls, carnivals, fetes, video Shows/Games, Cyber Cafes, Cable TV operators, Online Lottery Operators, Restaurants, Restaurants with Bar, exhibitions, Hotels, Planetariums, Pool Parlors, Clubs & similar public resorts.

How To Attain Amusement License?

If we are part of businesses activities like Annexure B then for continuing a business we have to pay the license fee. The amusement department issues the amusement license on the spot. For application of regular shows, performances, exhibitions, fairs, fetes, carnival, circus etc Proforma Application form is to be filled and eventually submitted. Certain things are to be attached with the letter that are:

a. Recent rent bills

b. Electricity bills

c. Rental agreement paper or purchase deed to prove lawful tenancy or ownership of proposed amusement site.

Validity And Date Of Renewal Of Amusement License

Amusement license’s validity is from the date of issuing till the end of the financial year that is 31st March. Renewal of License should be done by April or May. A reminder is issued to all the holders by KMC on June regarding outstanding dues. The amusement fee is to be submitted between 11AM and 2:30 PM at KMC HQ. After submitting the fees the amusement license is issued.

Payment Of Amusement Taxes Of Kmc

The payment of amusement taxes of KMC in order to continue the business operations is necessary. The payment can be done by cheque, cash or demand draft in the favour of KMC. The cheques and DD’s can be mailed or the amusement fee can also be deposited at:

Sr. Amusement Officer

5, S.N. Banerjee Road,


If there are any problems relating to the amusement license we can contact in Phone: 22861000, Ext 2608, email - Some people have questions regarding if they can the future taxes all at once? The answer is no as the amusement fees changes on yearly basis.


It can be concluded by saying payment of amusement taxes of KMC should be carried out by every owner of amusement license. If a person prohibits its responsibilities then the other citizens should inform the to the Senior Amusement officer at 22861000, Ext 2608. An email can also be sent directly to the Municipal Commissioner of Kolkata.

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