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Pension Funds

Pension funds are mostly referred to the pool of assets, which forms an independent legal entity. The fund is formed for the purpose of financing the pension plans. It is also known to be the vital shareholders of the listed as well as the private companies.

Pension funds are also very important to the stock market as well that is mainly dominated by major corporate giants. Today some of the major financial institutions like HDFC, ICICI, and Standard Chartered are offering pension funds to its customers. The funds are designed in such away so as to offer the best to its customers. Some of the well known funds are discussed below:
ICICI Life time super Pension Fund:''' this fund has been developed so as to help people to save systematically in order to have a glorious life even after their retirement. It’s very cost effective and delivers amazing value. This is a regular-premium unit-linked pension policy that enables one to earn fixed income after their retirement.

HDFC Standard Life: this is also a well known pension fund from HDFC that has been designed to offer fixed income after the retirement. Various other retirement plans are also included in this category such as HDFC Super pension plan, HDFC unit linked pension plan II, HDFC unit linked pension plan maximize II and HDFC Immediate Annuity. One can go for any of the above mention HDFC policy.
HSBC life Pension Fund:''' It is a pooled fund, which offers growth to the money of its investors. So the investors can have fixed regular income even after their retirement.

'''SBI Pension Fund:''' This fund is designed to help people in order to meet their post retirement financial needs. Various pension schemes are available such as Horizon II Pension Plan, Unit plus II Pension and Life Long Pension Plan. The pension fund of SBI also includes CapAssure Gratuity and CapAssure Superannuation Schemes.