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Personal Accident Policy From United India Insurance

This policy covers an individual who had a physical loss caused by accidental injury (including fatal).

'''Who and against what risk it can be covered?'''

Any person or group of people either through association, employer or institution between the ages of 12 to 70 and at 70 subject to medical examination, he can be covered up to an age of 80.

The risk that is insured against is disablement or death from accidental bodily injury in any part of the world.

'''During the period of the policy it will pay''' for accidental injury causing death or permanent disablement-100% of insured sum, loss of two eyes/limbs or loss of one eye/limb-100% of insured sum, loss of either one limb/eye-50% of insured sum, permanent partial disablement-as per policy varying % of insured sum and temporary partial disablement-per week 1% of capital sum insured, subject to Rs.3000 per week for 100 weeks maximum.

The policy also pays for the education of two dependent children of the deceased as well as the expenses incurred to carry the dead-body from accident site. By paying extra premium up to 25% of medical expenses can be claimed.

'''The policy will not pay''' if the insured attempted to commit suicide, criminal breach of law, intoxication of liquor/drugs causing accidental injury/death, claims related to pregnancy, nuclear and war perils, any claims exceeding the capital insured sum in the same period of insurance, any claims of 50%/100% of capital insured sum after admission.