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Personal accident policy of National Insurance Company

National Insurance Company Ltd. India, one of the leading public sector insurance Company dealing with general insurance business. Personal Accident policy is a part of National Insurance. This policy has been formulated for Doctor, Engineers, Teachers, Drivers, Contractor, Lawyer, Player and almost every one.


The Personal Accident policy of National Insurance makes up for individual against death, loss of limbs, loss of eyesight, permanent disablement, permanent partial disablement and temporary total disablement, accidental injuries.

Risk Classification

The Personal Accident policy of National Insurance Company is divided into three divisions:
(A) Normal Risk (B) Medium Risk (C) Heavy Risk

a.Normal Risk: Doctor, Lawyers, Bureaucrats, Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Teachers, Persons engaged in administrations, persons primarily engaged in occupation of similar put at risk.

b.Medium Risk: Engineers, Contractors, Builders, engaged in superintending functions only, Relating to the treatment of injuries and diseases in animals Doctor, Paid Drivers and persons engaged in occupations of similar put at risk and not engaged in manual labor.

c.Heavy Risk: Who are working in underground Mines, Explosive, Magazines,and involved in electrical worker (High-tension supply), jockeys, Circus persons, who engaged in activates like racing on wheels or Horse back, big hunting, Mountaineering, Ice Skating, River Rafting, polo playing, and person engaged in activates of similar put at risk.

Personal Accident Policy of National Insurance is a very important and necessary policy for every one basically doctor, lawyer, Engineers, Teachers, Contractors, Builders, every players and every one. Personal Accident Policy of National Insurance is very necessary policy for there future or families.


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