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Pin Code Durgapur

Pin Code Durgapur

Here is the list of all Pin Codes of Durgapur as per areas and places which comes under every post office. PinCodes of Durgapur starts from 201 and the main Durgapur Head Office has zip code of 713201.

Here is the full list of all codes - 

713201     Durgapur C
713201     Durgapur H O
713201     Durgapur Rs
713201     Zone Colony
713202     Durgapur B Zone
713202     Durgapur Coke Oven
713202     Jhingrimahalla
713202     Palas Bagan
713202     Railpar
713204     Benachity Market
713204     Durgapur Steel Town West
713205     Durgapur Steel Town East
713207     Durgapur Thermal Power Stn
713209     Durgapur City Centre
713209     Durgapur Regional Engg College
713209     M G Avenue
713210     Plant Durgapur
713210     V K Nagar
713213     Benachiti
713214     Amravati
713214     Durgapur C R P F Camp


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