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Places to Visit In Kurnool District of AP

Places to Visit In Kurnool District of AP

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Location - Near Water Tank, Plot #21a, Block # 43, Geo House, Auto Nagar, Hyderabad - 500036 Call - +(91)-(40)-66048377 +(91)-(40)-66048377 +(91)-(40)-66048377

Location - Plot No 7-74, Opp Traffic Police Station, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500072 Call - +(91)-(40)-67119425d

Location - 1-1/4e,1st Floor,Habeeb Complex, Opp Fish Market, Fathenagar Road, Bala Nagar, Hyderabad - 500037 Call - +(91)-(40)-66048438

Places To Visit In Kurnool District In AP

  • The Srikhareswara Swamy Temple is also dedicated to Lord Siva while there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesa.
  • The srisailam wildlife sanctuary, part of which falls in Guntur district provides asylum to a large number of rare species.
  • The sylvan region graced by the nonchalantly beautiful creatures attracts visitors from far and wide.

Ahobilam About 74 km from Nandhyal and 360 km from Hyderabad, the place also known as Singavel Kundram as an ancient temple dedicated to ‘Lord Narasimha’ one of the incarnations of ‘Lord Vishnu’ in which the Lord manifests in the form with the head of a Lion and the body of a man to kill the demon-king Hiranya.

  • The interesting feature of this temple is that all the nine forms of lord Narasimha known as ‘Nava Narasimha’ are worshiped.
  • The sumptuous sculptures depicting scenes from the ageless epics

There are also three more shrines not too far away from one another One of them forms the sacred crown of the scenic hill while another is situated at the foot of the hill and the third, about 6 km away.

Mahanandi Situated 320 km from Hyderabad and 16 km from Nandhyal, Mahanandhi the divine Bull-mount of Lord Siva is one of the nine exclusive nanddis known as the ‘Nava Nandhi’.

  • It is ideally nestled in the vast ranges of the scenic Nallamalai hills.
  • The presiding deity here is Mahanandeeswara, a manifestation of Lord Siva in the usual Lingam form.
  • The temple tank is watered by five natural sweet water springs which are astoundingly perennial.
  • The incessant waters from the springs suffice to irrigate 1000 acres of banana plantations.

Mantralayam has road links with all major cities.

  • The nearest railway station Mantralayam Road is 15 km away

Srisailam: About 232 km south of Hyderabad, on the mighty river Krishna, the ancient city Srisailam has fascinating features.

  • The Bhramaramba Mallikarjunaswamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Siva stands on a picturesque hill admits the verdant expanse of Nallamalai forest.
  • This ancient temple is enclosed by mighty and tall fort walls

The ‘Linga’ here is one of the 12 ‘Jothirlingas’ or the ‘Lingas of Fire’ in India.

  • The temple is also the seat of Mahakali in the form of Bhramaramba.
  • The legend has it that Lord Siva and is consort Goddess Parvathi manifested to ‘Lord Nandi’ the sacred bull who performed a penance.
  • There is a lot more to relish wit in the premises there is other antique shrines wich include the Sahasra Linga Temple the Pancha Pandava Temple and the Vatavriksha Temple.
  • The most appealing feature is that the devotees are not prevented from touching the age-old icons and the Holy Feet, an act which they seem to reverse as part of worship.
  • Devotees of all caste and creed follow the custom of touching the Holy Feet.