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Places to visit in Srikakulam

Srikakulam is 108 Km to the north from Vishakapatnam and it is northern most district of Andhra Pradesh . It is located on the banks of the Swarnamukhi river .
Srikakulam is called as land of Temples .This region is a part of Kalinga and Gajapati Kingdom up to medevial period .

Temples :

Situated on the out shirts of the town at abot 4 kms away . The temple is dedicated to Sun , the God of weath and health . There is a belief that the sun rays fall directly on the feet of shrine twice every year . It is constructed in 9th century by Kalinga kings

Srikumaranantha Temple :

It is situated at about 13 Km to the east of Srikakulam . Temple is dedicated to Koorma , a tortoise which is called as second incarnation of Vishnu in Dashavatara . The main temple consistes of 19th century murals of Krishna and Vishnu was built by chalukya kings.

Mukhalingam :

It is located at about 46 Km to the north of Srikakulam , was the first capital of eastern Ganga kings . The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva .

The Aniyanka Bhimeswara and Someswara temples are built in the Orissa Style of Architecture are built in 10th century .

Kallingapatnam Beach :

This beach is situated at about 30 Km away from Srikakulam . Ancient sea port , Light house , Buddist Stupas are attractions to visitors here .

Other places to visit are Kaviti , Baruva , Mandasa , Danthavaripuram , Pondur , Sangam , Ravivalasa , Santhikshetrama temple was built in year 2000 and maintained by Satya Sai Seva Samithi is also the important place to visit .

How to reach Srikakulam :

Srikakulam is well connected with buses from all over country .
Nearest Airport is in Vishakapatnam.
Has a local railway station , trains from Chennai , Bangalore , Hyderabad , howrah , Ahmedabad are available