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Pooram Festival

This is a temple festival in Kerela and is said to be the most colourful as it is celebrated with fireworks, umbrella showing competitions and lavish elephant processions. The fireworks display is held at 3 a.m. and lasts all the way till 6 in the morning. The processions are filled with colour and gaiety and people of all castes, colour and religions join in.

Visiting the temples

They day of the festival is spent visiting all the different temples in the state. They start with the major ones but do not dismiss the small ones. Numerous musical and cultural events ensue during the day and personalities from far and wide come to participate in these. The festival is concluded with all the devotees bidding adieu to the idols, gathered in front of the Vadakkunnathan temple.

The celebrations

The most incredible part of this festival is that people from all over the state make their way here for the celebrations. Elephants from the temples throughout the state are sent to Thrissur, the venue of the festivities, for the all famous elephant procession. People of all castes, creeds and colour eagerly participate in the merriment and enjoy the sights and colours they witness on the streets. The festival is concluded with an alluring display of fireworks which is also the festivals prime attraction.
The secular nature of the festival adds to its charm as it brings together Hindus, Muslims and Christians in the state who jointly collaborate to make the event a successful and memorable one.

Pooram Festival is the annual temple festival of Kerala. It takes place in Thrissur, parts of Palakkad and Malappuram at the end of the summer harvest. Thissur Pooram is most famous of all other Poorams.

Arattupuzha Peruvanam Pooram, Nenmara Vallangi Vela, Uthralikkavu Pooram and Chinakkathoor Pooram are also some famous ones.

  • The word Pooram means 'a group' or 'a meeting'. According to the legends it is believed that every year gods and goddesses of conterminous state meet and celebrate a day together. This happened on the Pooram star of any one of the spring months.
  • During this festival ornately decorated elephants are taken for parade in the procession which takes place in the temple city district. Aryankavu Pooram near Shoranur and Machattu Thiruvanikavu Vela near Wadakkanchery do not use the decorated elephants. But there is a custom of using mannequins of horses and bullocks.
  • Thissur Pooram is organized at the Vadakkunnatha temple of Thrissur. The Vadakkunnatha temple is similar in structure to a Japanese Shrine.
  • This temple was built in the traditional Kerala pattern with sanded courts, stone sculptures, and ancient auditorium and multi level roofs.
  • On the evening of the festival, two lines consisting of 13 elephants each, stand facing each other at the south of temple. There is an umbrella holder on each eutherian. Besides there are a peacock fan carrier and a yak tail fly whisk wielder.
  • The orchestras stand between these two lines. When the orchestras reach gradually increase in loudness a new display of ceremonial umbrella starts. This ceremony continues till sunset. When late at night with the departure of the elephants a display of magnificent firework starts.