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Post paid card

Post paid card is a common terminology with mobile service providers. It commonly means the user needs to pay his pay bill once when his billing cycle is due.

Features of postpaid card:

The post paid card provided by service providers is usually cheaper on domestic and international calls.

In a Post paid card according to the plan chosen and usage of the customer a credit limit is set. A customer becomes due for his payment once when he reaches the credit limit or his billing cycle gets due.

In a post paid card at the end of the month the customer receives a bill which shows the itemized billing for the month.

A user in such cases has complete command and can control his usage.

In post card there is monthly rental which is charged to the customer for his usage.

However in prepaid connection the customer gets charged a fixed amount every time he recharges his phone.

In a Postpaid connection payment of bill can be made on-line or through payment gateways.

These days Service Providers are clubbing a post paid connection with broad-band services, DTH services for increasing customer base.

In post paid services Blackberry services are available which is combined with internet and chatting services.

A post paid card is hassle free connection like fixed connections. Customer need not bother to recharge it again and again during the usage period.

Disadvantages of PostPaid connection:

1. Billing services is one of the biggest disadvantage of the Postpaid services. Billing rates and pulse rates are not transparent.

2. Service Providers do not keep the details of customer confidential which results to customer receiving too many tele-marketing calls.

3. Collection services of the service provider is a constant irritant to the customer.

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