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Preliminary Act and Its Requirement

Preliminary Act and Its Requirement

In this Act,unless the context otherwise requires,--

  • appropriate laboratory means a laboratory or organization—
  • recognized by the central government;
  • recognized by a state government, subject to guidelines as may prescribed by the central government in this behalf;or
  • any such labotary or organization established by or under any law for this time being in force,which is maintained,financed or aided by the central government or a state government for carrying out analysis or test of any goods with a view to determing whether such goods suffer from any defect;

branch office means

  • any established described as a branch by the opposite party; or
  • any establishment carrying on either the same or substantially the same activity as that carried on by the head office of the establishment;

complainant means

  • a consumer; or
  • any voluntary consumer association registered under the companies Avt,1956 (1 of 1956) or under any other law for the time being in force; or
  • the central Government or any state Government,

One or more consumers, where there are numerous consumers having the same interest;

  • In case of death of a consumer, his legal heir or representative; who or which makes a complaint;