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Procedure For Grant Of Bis Licence For Domestic Manufacturers

The applicant has the option to choose any of the following two procedures for grant of BIS licence:

Normal Procedure:The normal and the most popular procedure is to get both the test and the certification done by the BIS itself. It requires the applicant to submit the filled in application along with the said documents and requisite fee to the nearest BIS branch office. This will record the application followed by a preliminary factory evaluation by BIS officer. The inspection will include two major things:

a) Whether the concerned applicant or manufacturer is capable of producing goods in compliance with the relevant Indian Standard

b) Whether complete testing facilities and competent technical personnel are available to the applicant.

Samples are tested in the factory and also drawn for independent testing. Grant of licence is considered by BIS provided the samples pass during independent testing, preliminary evaluation is satisfactory and the applicant agrees to operate the defined Scheme of Testing & Inspection and pay the prescribed marking fee.

Simplified Procedure: This process involves the testing to be done by the applicant himself in the BSI approved laboratories and produce the application and the report(s) to the sample(s) together to the Bureau. If the test report(s) and other documents are found satisfactory, a verification visit is carried out by BIS. The licence is granted thereafter if the verification report is found satisfactory. The applicant also has the option to get the documents and other details as specified in the application, certified by a Chartered Engineer and submit the same to BIS. The licence then shall be granted after scrutiny of the documents and report submitted by Chartered Engineer. The licence then can be granted within 30 days of receipt of application by BIS, provided all required documents are furnished and found satisfactory.

Bullets :

 *Simplified procedure is available for all products except certain items under mandatory certification like gas cylinders, valves, regulators, cement, etc.
 *If any licence granted as per simplified procedure is cancelled in the event of failure of verification samples, the fresh application shall only be considered as per normal procedure.
*All India first licence for any product shall be granted as per normal procedure only.
*There is a separate scheme for Foreign Manufacturers (click here) and Indian Importers (click here).

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