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Process of Provident Fund Application

Process of Provident Fund Application

Provident fund is a mandatory savings that the government wants every employee to have thus there is no application procedure that exists for the same. It is rather a mandate for the non-exempted organizations to open a Provident Fund account for all the employees of the organization.

At the time of hiring there is a form that the employer would ask the employee to fill up in triplicate. This would contain all the details of the employee and the same is send forward to the Provident Fund office. The Provident Fund office would open an account in the name of the employee under the umbrella of the concerned organization along with the other existing employees of the same organization. Post this procedure the Provident Fund office would issue a Provident Fund account number which is passed down to the individual employee through the organization and for all future reference and correspondences with the Provident Fund office related to the Provident Fund account of the employee would have to mention the Provident Fund account number.

It would be the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the subscriptions from the employees salary, along with an equal subscription from the employer goes to the Provident Fund account of the employee every month. The Provident Fund office issues a statement of account every year for all the account holders to get an updated status of the funds in the Provident Fund account which is distributed through the employer again to the account holders.

It is very much intentional that from the end of the government that very little has been left for the employee to do about the Provident Fund account as the government wants this savings to be there for every employee. And there could be situations compelling enough where in the person might want to discontinue the savings so no choice has been given to them and this stands as a mandatory job for the employer to ensure the same every month.


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