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Puri Beach

The Puri Beach Festival takes place on the Sea Beach, Swargadwara at Puri. This festival takes place in the month of November and continues for four days. It is the most popular festival of Orissa and is organized by Hotel and Restaurant Association of Orissa commonly known as HRAO. It is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India; the Department of Tourism, Government of Orissa; Development Commissioner of Handicrafts and the Eastern Zonal Cultural Center; Calcutta.

  • The Jagannath Temple forms the backdrop of the Puri Beach festival. the events in the festival includes cultural events, classical dances, folk dances, sand sculptures, food festivals, display of handicrafts, rock concerts, beach parties, fashion shows and many more. The beach remains full with local people as well as the tourists.
  • The reverberating chorus of Vande Matram inaugurates the festival. The Puri Beach Festival gives a chance to the tourists to communicate with the local people and enjoy Orissa's cultural heritage at the very place with its own people.
  • People get a chance to rock-and-roll at the tunes of Metallic and Black Sabbath and tap dance their feet to the local music numbers.
  • There are also chances to feast on the culinary art of Orissa.
  • The tourists can shop for relics at the handicrafts stalls or attend an Odissi, Lepcha or Lambadi dance performance and dance with them on the beach till the break of dawn. This festival gives the tourists immense chances to enjoy and bask in the typical Oriyan culture.