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Puttaparthi in Anantapur

==Puttaparthi In Anantapur District==

* Tourists of varied tastes find interests to suit their own.

'''Puttaparthi''' This place about 30 km from [[Anantapur-District-AP|Dharmavaram]] and 250 km from [[Residential-Schools-Banglore|Bangalore]] is sanctified by '''Bhagavan sri sathya sai baba '''
Born in puttaparthi, sri Sai baba is believed to be the reincarnation of '''Shiridi sri sai baba'''.

* Even as a child, sri sai baba displayed sagacity and profound wisdom and used His playmates with his paranormal powers.

* As days rolled into weeks and weeks into months and months into years, His power of aura wafted over a very wide region spreading His fame all over the nation ad a broad.

* Devotees flocked to I in millions and in just a hand’s turn he relieved them of their unsurmountable woes.

* The number of his followers is constantly on the rise.

* His devotees make a broad variety right from the meek to the opulent.

* A weekly ‘Bhajan’ which is the group recital of devotional songs, hymns and verses in praise of Bhagavan sri sai sathya sai and all other forms of god is customary among his devotees.

'''Prasanthinilayam''', as it is called his abode is one of the sacred places where traquility prevails.

* The name literally means ‘ abode of peace’
The tranquillity, serene atmosphere, subtle silence are all too compelling for any one to leave the place .

* In sort it is a Heaven on Earth. The ‘sathya sai baba trust’ whose principal philosophy is ‘service to Humanity is services to Divinity’ renders untiring services to the very cause of Humanity through a variety of its institutions, hospitals and projects.

* The entire Anathapur district owes innumerable thanks project which caters to the sweet-water needs of its people.

* Even the dry belt areas of the district are supplied with sufficient water.

* The hospital run by the trust has specialist doctor, experts, famous surgeons and also advanced medical equipments which incorporate state-of-the-art technology about the hospital is that it offers free service to the desolate and the deserving regardless of religion, caste or creed.

==Educational Institutions At Puttaparthi In Anantapur District==

* The educational institution here has attained varsity status.

* It has a unique curriculum which includes special subjects in spirituality, meditation, discipline and Impeccable character are imparted as a way of life ere.

* The education received here opens up new creative areans in the exploring brains of the inquisitive individuals.

* The museum on a nearby hillock has models of the Golden Temple of Amristar, the Holy Mosque at mecca, etc.

* The models of these monuments which are the places of worship of people of varied religions corroborate the unity of human race above all diversities.

* The planetarium within the premises of the Holy rasanthi-nilayam is yet another addition to the attractions here.

* The planetarium virtually rockets the viewers to the unknown parameters of the mysterious universe.

'''Lepakshi''' Located in between Hindupur and Kodikonda checkpost, about 16 km from the railway station at Hindupur, the beautiful small village Lepakshi has an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Siva.

* The murals of this temple recount episodes from the life of devotees ad saints.

* Diverse forms of God can also be seen.