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Rahu Puja

This puja is referred to the Planet Rahu. It is also known as the worship of the Dragon's Head. According to Vedic astrology, the Rahu is referred to the Moon’s North Node. In the scriptures this god has been described as a half-bodied and is also a snakelike. It has a huge body and he’s born from a lioness. The nature of this god is very Airy just like Lord Shani.

The puja relating to lord Rahu is called as the “Grah Shanti Rahu Puja.” This puja is recommended for those individuals that are suffering from the wrong placement of Rahu Grah in their horoscope. This puja has the capability to strengthen the positive influenceby neutralizing Rahu’s negative effects. There is also a mantra that is also known to get blessings from Lord Rahu. It is as follows:

“Aum Kleem Kleem Rog Naashaay Raahave Kleem Kleem Phat.”

The position of Lord Rahu

Rahu is known to stay for 1.6 year or 18 months in every Grah. Rahu is highly intelligent and has got windy temperament. It is believed that Rahu favors the signs of Jupiter, Mercury and Aquarius.

The significance of Rahu

Rahu is basically associated with worldly desire and material manifestation. It is said to be the indication of greed, fame, manipulation, worldly desire and obsessive behavior. This imagery planet has the capability of strengthening one’s power and even converting an enemy into a friend and for this reason it is sometimes referred as the Planet of Success. According to Hindu mythology, Rahu is the one that is responsible for solar and lunar eclipse. It is also considered to be the head of a demon.

Indian mythology also states that Rahu is a 'shudra graha’ and therefore the people who are influenced by this planet behaves like uncultured people. Rahu is known to be the one that mainly rules on witches, magicians, thieves, cemeteries, hypnotists and uninhabited places.


Rahu Puja is done to appease the planet and to ward off its evil effects from one’s horoscope. The best thing to do is to have a Rahu Graha Shanti puja or Rahu Puja and the best way to do this is by using Hessonite, Gomedh, Ring or Pendant.


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