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Rai Foundation, Rai Business School

Rai foundation is basically an NGO that was established with an objective of resolving the several socio-cultural problems of the Indian people. An important initiative of the Rai foundation towards the upliftment of the society is the Rai Business School. Rai Business School is perceived as one of best and elite management institute in the country. It was founded with an intention of providing best quality management education and training to the young and dynamic students of the country at an affordable rate.

Main motive

The main objective of the institute is to impart quality and effective management education to the young generation of the country by providing financial and infrastructural support to them, especially to those who lack resources. It strives to provide practical, skill based and job oriented educational curriculum and training to the youth so that they can contribute greatly in improving the industrialization of our country. It’s hard and dedicated efforts to achieve this goal can be seen in its achievements itself. In the SR-GHRDC Survey 2008 Rai Business School has bagged the honor of beings one of the best B-schools in India.

Management courses and training

Rai Business School offers a world class management program to the students. The course curriculum is designed to meet the needs and requirement of the prevailing standards and norms of the modern corporate world. The theory aspects of the courseware are effectively complimented with proper practical training for better understanding of the courseware.

The effectiveness of the training and educational curriculum are enhanced by a regular conduct of seminars and workshop in the campus with the imminent professionals and experts from several fields of the corporate world.