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Rajamundry Tour

Rajamundry belongs to Andhra region of Andhra pradesh .It is 380 kms east of hyderabad and 6kms south of river Godavari which is the fifth largest river . The city is well known for its many Chalukya temples in its vicinity . This is also famous for its 8,999 feet long bridge built across the river . Most beautiful and scenic city of Andhra Pradesh .


Dowleshvaram Dam : It is 10kms away from rajamundry .This was built across the river Godavari .It is 800mts long and 9 feet high .The Dakshina Pushkaram festival ,the kumbh Mela of south held once in every 12 years.Rallabandi museum which is located near to this Dam is very famous with wonderful collections of articrafts , coins , pottery , sculptures , palm leaf scripts .

Peddapuram :It is situated 30kms northeast of rajamundry , Famous for its handwoven silk and cotton .

Annavaram Satyanarayana temple : It is located at 70km northeast of rajamundry on Ratnagiri hills. It is renowed for its 13 feet high statue of the hindu trinity , and its ancient sundial .

Godavari gorge Lake : It is 80km to the north of Rajamundry . We can have a drive or boat ride along the Gorge , Which cuts through the hilly eastern Ghats . The view along the way is spectacular and very scenic with a series of beautiful lakes .

Ryali Vishnu Temple: It is situated 24km from south of Rajamundry .It is dedicated to lord Vishnu which is constructed by chalukyas .

Draksharamam bhimesvara temple : It is 40kms southeast of Rajamundry and 17km from Kakinada . The story behind it is the river godavari said to have been split into seven streams by the saptarishis called seven great sages of hindu mythology and three of these streams are believed to have gone underground here . this temple is dedicated to Lord shiva , called here as Bhimesvara swamy .

Antarvedi : It is situated 112 km south from Rajamundry .it is located on the banks of river Vashista and godavari . It is best reached by boat from narasapur which is on the south bank . The Lakshminaraya Temple built in 1823 located here is famous for its brightly painted tower .

Badrachalam: It is 161km from Rajamundry and 300km from Hyderabad .Actually it is present in khammam district . Here there is a famous ancient temple which is dedicated to Sri Seetha Ramachandra swamy . Temple is constructed across the beautiful banks of river Godavari . the ‘Kalyana Mahotsav’ a grand Annual festival which is indeed the marriage anniversary of Lord Rama and goddess Sita is celebrated grandly every year .

Machilipatnam beach and port : It is also situated at near surroundings of Rajamundry and it is at about 340km away from hyderabad . Machilipatnam is called as city of fish because of port . It is also famous for Textile industries . Beach is a beautiful picnic spot for refreshment .