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Rakhi - Atoot Rishtey Ki Dor


The story is about the life of Nandini who suffers between love and duty towards her brother, Raja. She is confused on who should she abandon – whether the love of her husband or her loving brother?

Bhai Raja gets married to a girl name Neelima. Neelima's brother Aaryan and grandmother are not satisfied this marriage. This was because Bhai Raja didn't allow his sister Nandini to marry Aaryan. Neelima's grandma wants to separate Bhai Raja and Neelima by sending Neelima's best friend (Nisha and her sister Nikita) to take revenge. The plan was that Nisha will have a friend bring liquid in the house and spray it on Raja knowing that Raja won't like it but Neelima stands up for him and the plan goes totally flop.

They see Nisha they are just about to go to her table when they meet Raja's friend. Nisha rushes home.Ambar and Nikita have just returned home buying everyone gifts. Gunjan(Raja's Younger sister) wears western clothing and Neelima laughs. Neelima make Gunjan happy.The only reason Gunjan wants to be like Nikita is because Ambar likes Nikita but Gunjan likes him and Ambar hates her. Gunjan then curls her hair for the western wear but Fatima Bi yells at her. Neelima tells Fatima Bi that present youth wants to do all this and so let her and Neelima gives her a makeup set. Nisha is watching everything. Nikita is just faking to love Ambar. Eventually finds out ikki was working with Aryan to get information on the family.

In the meantime Gunjan becoming pregnant because of Ambar. At this point Raja Amber and Nandini's father has come back into the picture after a long absence. Raja gets Amber and Gunjan married. But Amber vows to Gunjan that she will never love her. Gunjan is unhappy but won't say anything as she does not want her family to get hurt.

Nandini is now married to her friend Prince. First they wed secretly but now they are. Price's older sister Kadambari is only interested in Raja's money. She always makes side comments to Nandini saying their poor financial status to make her feel down. Also Kadambari burned down her own house so that she could live with Raja. But she does not get what she wishes.

Neelima is now pregnant and Raja is adament on giving there first born to Nandini. Nandini keeps telling Raja she doesn't want to have there child. This issue is creating a big problem in the house until we find out Nandini is "pregnant". Everyone in the family is so happy because 3 children will be born in their house.

Before Nandini announces she is "pregnant" she had discussed the option of surrogacy with Prince who was against the idea. Nandini had said that was the only way to keep the family happy and to stop Raja from giving his child to her. Nandini couldn't find a surrogate right away so she announces she is pregnant. Although everyone thinks it is a miracle, the truth is she lied to she could have some time to find a surrogate. No one knows this except Prince.

Created by : Film Farm Creations

Directed by :Pawan Kumar

Opening theme :"Rakhi" by Alka Yagnik

Produced by :Pintu Guha, Rupali Guha, & Harsh Dave


Ayub Khan Nupur Joshi Sharhaan Singh Kartik Sabharwal Faisal Raza Khan Farida Dadi Aastha Chaudhary/Shweta Monalika Bhonsle Rajita Kochar Aashish Kaul Supriya Shukla Karishma Randeva Monaz Mevawala Ami Trivedi Sanjay Swaraj

Telecast time : 1.30 P.M to 2.00 P.M (30 mins long)

When : Telecasted on Monday - Thursday

Which TV - Zee TV