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Ram Barat Festival

Ram Barat is an important festival of Uttar Pradesh. This festival is celebrated to mark the marriage of Lord Rama with Sita. This festival is celebrated every year during the month of September or October.

  • The word Barat means marriage procession of Rama. This festival is celebrated annually in a new Location in Agra and is intricately decorated with lights and flowers. It is said that this festival was started by Lala Kokamal about 125 years ago who was a cloth merchant by profession.
  • The Ram Barat starts late Monday from the ground of Ramlila or Lala Channomalji Ki Baradari and pass through the main city accompanied by 30 music bands.
  • People dress up in their finest attire and follow the procession. In the floats the mythological events are depicted. People dress up as Rama and Sita and perform the Ramayana.
  • The absolute level and the hugeness that is found in this festival are just nonpareil and breathtaking. It attracts huge crowd than any other festival celebrated in this part of the country. It is a like a walloping fete where people come to enjoy, eat, shop, drink and also offer prayers to Rama and Sita.
  • Preparation for this event starts one month in advance and the best craftsmen from the country are called for setting up the Janak Mahal and other detailed decorations. The place selected for Ram Barat is given funding of huge amount and is decorated like a bride's paternal home which gets ready to receive the procession of Sri Ram and his family.