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Ranakpur Tour

Ranakpur is a place named after Rana Kumbha who Dharna Sah, a Jain businessman, approached when he had the vision of his great temple to ask for the land for its construction. This place is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is situated in the remote valleys of Arvalli Range along the the river Manghai Ranakpur.

It is renowned for some marvelously carved Jain temples in amber stone, and is one of the five holiest places of the Jain community and exceptionally beautiful. The temples we constructed in the year 1439 AD. It is located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Udaipur.

The main Ranakpur Jain Temple took over 50 years to make and is dedicated to Lord Adinath who is the first of the 24 Jain Saints. It is called the Chaumukh or four-faced temple and covers a distance of 48000 square kilometers. It has a eligible domes supported by over 400 columns and 24-pillared halls. There are two huge bells hung in the assembly hall whose sound echo along the corridors with every gust of passing wind and weighs 108 kgs.

Apart from this there are 3 other smaller temples. There are two temples that have erotic carvings and are dedicated to the Jain saints Neminath and Parasvanath. The fourth temple is the Surya temple which is dedicated to the Sun God. It has multilateral walls and are inflated with carvings of warriors on horses and solar deities riding chariots. Kumbhalgarh, Sadri and temples at Desuri are some of the other tourist attractions near Ranakpur

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