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Refund in case where some passengers are confirmed and the others are waitlisted

Ticket booking in advance is made easy by the Indian Railways authorities with the introduction of online booking. Even the cancellation is also made easy. The railways authorities pay the refund amount if there is any cancellation of confirmed, RAC or waiting list tickets. Besides it also gives for refund when there is problems like late running of the train and the passenger not willing to travel in the train, or if the passenger is not provided with any place in spite of having a confirmed ticket then the person can also claim for refund.

In case of combined tickets sometimes it may happen that name of some passengers are in the waiting list some are confirmed. Is any passengers asks for refund at that time then the he or she will get back the amount deducted the clerkage charge in respect of all passengers. If these type of tickets are cancelled within 4 hours of the scheduled departure of the train or up to 3 hours of the departure of the train.

Passengers can also claim for the refund even if the AC is not working and if the passenger is travelling in the AC compartment with difficulties then he or she has the right to claim for refund. Sometimes it may happen that the train is running late or if the passenger does not want to travel in the late connecting train or if the train is cancelled then also the passenger can claim for refund.