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Registration Department, Tamil Nadu

The Registration Department, Tamil Nadu is to provide various services to the citizens like Registration of Documents, getting certified copies of documents, issue of encumbrance certificate, society registration, and firm registration to name a few.


The Office of the Registration Department is located at the following address:

The Inspector General of Registration No 100, Santhome High Road, Chennai – 600 028.

Phone: +91-44-24640160

Services provided by the Registration Department

Some of the services provided by the Registration Department are Monitoring of Chit activities, Issue of extracts of Births and Deaths, Registration of Marriages (Hindu, Special Marriages, Indian Christian Marriages and others), Registration of Documents, Getting Encumbrance Certificate, Guideline Value of a property, Payment of Stamp Duties, etc.

Online Services

The Registration department’s website provides a lot of online services which are useful for every citizen. With the help of the website you can easily find out the guideline values of the properties in various districts and streets in Tamil Nadu.

Various Forms are available for download from the Registration department’s website for applying for various needs. Some of the forms available with the website are Encumbrance Certificate, Model forms for Sale Deed, Simple Mortgage, Agreement, Lease Deed, Power of Attorney, Marriage Application, Extract, Marriage Registration Forms, License Agreement and Will. The various forms can be downloaded form the URL

Comprehensive search facility is available on the website of the Registration Department to search for the Chit Funds, Societies, Marriage, Stamp Vendor and Field Offices. You can apply online for EC, Marriage Certificates for marriages registered already, and Certified Documents.


My husband and i got married in the year of 1997. We mutually got separated and divorce application is pending in court. in the mean while i came to understand that he got married for the second time. My lawyer says if we could submit his marriage certificate in the court the divorce can be passed easily. kindly help me out in this issue. cani get those document online. what is the procedure to claim it online? please help me out friends regards lalitha

prapparty onaer perichiyappachettiar in pattukottai thaluk

I am from Mumbai and had got registered in chennai under the hindu marriage act in the year of 2009. But later understood that the guy had committed fraud by lying about house property, education, salary etc. Also the marriage was registered without performing any rituals as per hindu marriage act (such as sapta padi, lajjahoam etc). Hence my family applied for nullification of marriage in mumbai marriage court. As per our application mumbai court has nullified my marriage but the same is not yet cancelled in Reginet (Tamil marriage registration site. Kindly help me in deregistration of my marriage in chennai. Thanks in advance & regards, Prutha

I would like to know if an association registered under (1) the societies act in Tamilnadu (2) trust act in Tamilnadu (3) companies act in New Delhi are existing. Could you kindly suggest me the web adddress.

Hello, I need an advice from you. I got married in a christian church that is in Tirunelveli dist and my residance is in tuticoring dist. My marriage was solominized in church during May 2007. I have marriage certificat that was provided in church. I forgot to register in Tamilnadu Govt. Now i need register in Tamilnadu Government registration department asap. Can you please tell me the procedure how to get this. Presently i am in Bangalore. Thanks, mano

LOVE MARRIAGES AND REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGES Inter caste marriages, Inter Religion Marriages, Love marriages opposed by parents. Threatens by anybody are legally solved anywhere throughout Tamilnadu. Marriage registrations.From getting your marriage registered and seeking 100% assured police protection force From Honourable Madras High Court. Under due process of Law every problems are solved legally to safeguard the lives of couples. CONTACT US SAISREEPRASATH ADVOCATE MADRAS HIGH COURT NO,12 BHARATHIYAAR STREET KAVANGARAI,PUZHAL CHECK POST CHENNAI-600 066 MOBILE:8825196660 / 8428081238/7845538371/7845538376

There are lot of Difference of opinion with my wife . I have motivated her in a higher position , she had reached . Now I had become the victim . I am facing lot of mental tortures . She is not supporting me to continue my Business which is a small start up and she is not supporting me to do the higher studies . We have a 5 year old child . I am taking most of the responsibilities right from waking her up in the morning and till she gets her classes finishes .In a give day I have to manger my kid , my offical work, my child classes , her homework everything. I am squeezing my self to the maximum extent I want to focus on my business and my studies . I cannot face the mental torture anymore .I am afraid that it may lead to mental depression . I need a legal advice to come out of my family life . Regards' MSBV

hai sir i am havin 1 doubt....for love marriage what are the certificates to be taken when we marriage in the register office????

Sir, I have got 8.40 cents of Agriculture land in thoothukudi (dist), Vilathikulam (Tk) from settlement by my father vide registered settlement docu no 794/2004. After 10 years it was cancelled by my father through SRO, Vilathikulam. If is possible he has authorised to cancel the settlement by himself with out any information to me.

i register agriment 6.68 agriculture land three months period.icheak ec. there is one tractor loan with bank of this property and court case also pending.if possible to register.after 4 years somebody register that same land.this registar will cancel with registar office.

anybody having the doubt in civil and criminal and consumer complaint we are ready to give free legal advice contact 9486556600,8643097227

Hi, I got married in 2009 and didn't Register my marriage. Now I need marriager certificate for applying passport. Could you please let me know how to register and optain the marriage certificate? Regards, Kaliswaran

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