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Reliance Data Plan

Reliance Data Plan

Those who travel a lot in the cities of India might require a wireless connection in order to ensure continuous and reliable connectivity. Whereas there are a lot of new companies coming in, two of the most important are Tata and Reliance. They both have their pros and cons, but the Reliance people are fractionally better as they offer you a demo so that you can actually check how the connection works.

The procedure for installing the Reliance Data Plan connection

The procedure for installing the Reliance Data Plan connection is fairly simple – you connect to the Internet through special Data Cards. These simply plug into your laptop, and they provide Internet access by means of the powerful CDMA2000 system of wireless transmission of data.

As anyone who has ever used the Internet in India knows, speeds provided by even the most major providers are rarely ever as advertised. Which means that if a provider claims that they will provide you with 128 kbps you'll probably end up with less than 5 kbps. Yes, I know that this is a crying shame in todays modern age of global communication, but unfortunately this really is the ground reality in India.

This is especially true of Internet networks that are out of the range of the major cities of India. Anyway, the wireless providers, including the Reliance Data Plan, are no different, especially if you subscribe to one of the more reasonably priced connections – of course if you're willing to pay from three thousand to ten thousand a month for your connection you can have completely reliable speeds of from 2 to 4 Mbps, but hardly anyone can afford that kind of investment merely on maintaining an Internet connection unless they are a business whose main earnings come precisely from the Internet.

However, the Reliance Data Plan is perfectly acceptable for normal surfing and for checking your email – just don't expect to do any heavy downloading on it.