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Reliance Life Insurance

'''Reliance Life Insurance'''

Reliance Life Insurance is a part of Reliance Capital Limited, which is one of the leading private sector financial service companies in India. This Reliance Capital belongs to Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Reliance group. Reliance Life insurance has secured a rank among the top 3 private sectored financial service companies and banking companies. Not only it is a quick growing life insurance company, but also tops among the 4 private sector insurers. About 1.7 million policies have been crossed by this insurance company.

There are about '''600 branches''' in just ten months with Reliance Life Insurance Company and there are over 740 branch networks. The Council of Fair Business Practices has awarded this life insurance company with Jamnalal Bajaj Uchit Vyavahar Puraskar 2007 certificate of merit. This was given under the Financial Services Category.

The following are '''list of policies''' that are provided under this Reliance Life Insurance. The protection plans that are provided are:
* Reliance Term Plan,
* Reliance Simple Term Plan,
* Reliance Special Term Plan,
* Reliance Credit Guardian Plan,
* Reliance Special Credit Guardian Plan,
* Reliance Endowment Plan and some other protection plans under this type of insurance are Reliance Special Endowment Plan, Reliance Connect 2 Life, Reliance Whole Life Plan, Reliance Wealth + Health Plan, Reliance Cash Flow Plan.

The following are the '''child plans''' that are provided under this Reliance Life Insurance. They are Reliance Super Invest Assure Plan, Reliance Secure Child Plan, Reliance Wealth + Health Plan and Reliance Child Plan. There are three types of group plans available under this and they are Employers Liability Solutions, employee Protection Solutions, and Employee Voluntary Benefits. The types of policies that are present in this are Savings & investment plans and Retirement Plans.

The protection plans provide protection for your entire family and either a limited period plan or a lifetime protection plan can be selected. Through the Savings and investment plan, one can put aside some money for achieving some specific aims in his/her life.