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Reliance Personal Accident Claims Procedure

Tips on how to get your claim settlement with Reliance Insurance so that the reimbursements can me made

First point – You should get all the paper works in order. The documents and reports from the doctor, hospital and the employers should be kept in order.

Second point – Get a claim form from the company and carefully fill in the same.

Third point – Verify the correct address of the regional Reliance Insurance office. This is the place where you would need to submit or send in your documents.

Fourth point – All claims and settlements should be done after 7 days of the treatment.

However, these steps are very important to follow. But then the documents which you would attach with your claim should be as per the check list which would guide you with your documents.

What documents to attach

Claims that provide you weekly benefit

  • The doctor’s report who is treating you and the form.
  • Prescriptions and paper related that are related to the problem you have.
  • All medical investigation reports.
  • A certificate that you were fit prior to the accident.

Claims for disablement

  • Carefully filled in claim form.
  • A certificate in original which states about the disability and should be given by the doctor.
  • Reports, tests results, x-ray’s.
  • Prescription and papers related to the treatment received.
  • Copy of the report lodged with the police.
  • Claims when death takes place
  • Claim form to be duly filled.
  • Death certificate of the person dead in original.
  • True certified copy of the report of the post mortem.
  • Panchanama or the report lodged with the police.