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The Remix story is set in an elite school that is an institution for the kids of the rich and the famous. The school also entertains scholarship students, who come from the poorer section of the society. The story revolves around the students, their lives, their insecurities, friendships, rivalries and ambitions.

Tia, Anvesha, Yuvi and Ranveer, the four main characters, would rather have very little to do with each other. Hailing from different backgrounds, all of them seem to have their priorities worked out and prefer to follow their own path towards fulfilling their ambitions. But destiny has another trail set for them. Circumstances force them to come together and through a series of dramatic twists and turns, the four form a music group and become the singing sensation of the decade.

The story also brings into play various other elements that shape the destiny of the four protagonists and the various other students, teachers and parents who form a bond with this elitist school. Touching upon the socio-economic divide, peer pressure, teenage dilemmas and other growing-up pangs, the show attempts to empathize with the adolescent in his quest for freedom.


Tia Ahuja: The daughter of a very rich, widower businessman, Sumeet Ahuja, she is one of the most beautiful 17-year-old girls, completely spoilt by the doting father and is obsessed with her looks and beauty secrets. Her life revolves around high fashion, clothes and accessories and her close group of friends, Pri and Meher. A motherless child, she yearns for her father's attention.

Ranveer Sisodia: Hailing from a small town in Rajasthan, this young scholarship student has joined Maurya High with the single-minded purpose of seeking revenge. He blames Sumeet Ahuja for the suicide of his father and targets Tia Ahuja to get back at her father.

Yuvraj Dev: Son of a powerful politician, Yuvraj is the ultimate spoilt brat. Yuvi is forever getting into trouble and is regularly pulled out of sticky situations by his father who never lets of a chance to belittle him. Slowly, he starts hating his father. His only escape from all this is his music, which he loves and lives for.

Anvesha Banerjee Ray: Daughter of a well-known, gorgeous actress, Anvesha is a bundle of mischief. Forever competing with her own mother, Anvesha gets thrilled by scandalizing people. Getting in and out scrapes is what makes her tick. She is the paradox whom very few can fathom but her heart is definitely in the right place. She will be the one to eventually tame the brat, Yuvraj.