Requirements of Pujas

Puja originates from a Sanskrit word, p signifies ‘paap’ and j signifies ‘janma’. Puja is derived from the Dravidian word ‘pu-chey’ or ‘pusu’ which has meanings related to the significance of puja. Different types of pujas are:

Navagraha Puja

Items required:

1. Turmeric powder
2. Kumkum powder
3. Sandalwood powder
4. Incense stick
5. Camphor
6. Coconut
7. Rice
8. Betel leaves
9. Betel nuts
10. 25 cents
11. Flowers
12. Navadhanyam
13. Fruits-5 types
14. Banana
15. Raisins, Cashew, Dates, Almonds, Sugar candy
16. Ghee lamp
17. Dried fruits-5 types
18. Aluminium foil
19. Plastic glass
20. Plastic plates
21. Plastic spoons
22. Paper towels
23. Sweets

Satyanarayana Puja

Items required:

Same things are required. The extra things required are:
1. Milk
2. Ghee
3. Lemon

Funeral Ceremony

It includes:

1. Black sesame seeds
2. Loose flower
3. Garland
4. Tulsi leaves
5. Mud pot
6. Sandalwood pieces

Rest all things required is same as navagraha puja. The things excluded are:

• Banana
• Raisins, Cashew, Dates, Almonds, Sugar candy
• Dried fruits-5 types
• Betel leaves
• Betel nuts
• 25 cents
• Flowers
• Navadhanyam

Deah Ceremony-Shradha

It requires the same things required for the funeral. The things that are needed other than these are:
1. Cooked rice
2. Rice flour
3. Betel leaves
4. Betel nuts

Things that are excluded:

• Garland
• Tulsi leaves
• Mud pot
• Sandalwood pieces

Homa (Havan)

Same things are required as navagraha puja. The extra things required are:

1. Havan samagri
2. Fire log, wood pieces, lighter

Necessities of Puja

1. Coconut 2. Turmeric powder 3. Red Powder 4. Pink Powder 5. Beatle Nuts 6. Dry Dates 7. Almonds 8. Jagary 9. Sugar Crystals 10. Pedha Prasad 11. Cashew-Nut 12. Resins 13. Almonds 14. Dry Coconut 15. Holy Thread 16. Panchrangi Nada 17. Attar (Scent) 18. Clove 19. Cardamom 20. Pilliy Sarsoe 21. Gangajal 22. Gomutra 23. Gobar 24. Ganesh, Laxshmi, kudevi &Shankar Photo 25. Guggul Dhup 26. Agarbatti 27. Camphor 28. Match Box 29. Lamp 30. Panchamrut 31. Durwa –Grass with 3 pronged 32. Tulsi 33. Pan Patta 34. Kalash 35. Tamhan 36. Panchpatra 37. Cloth (Red or White)

1. Kali Tili
2. Nagar Motha
3. Camphor
4. Chandan Bura
5. Patthar Phul
6. Hawan Puda
7. Jo
8. Ghee
9. Navgraha Samadhi
10. Bambafod
11. Small Gobari
12. New Stone
13. Kali mithi


1. Wheat Grain
2. Moong Dal
3. Chana Dal
4. Tuwar Dal
5. Masor Dal
6. Safed Til
7. Sugar
8. Bambafod
9. Small Gobari
10. New stone
11. Kali mithi

Other lists:

1. Chaurang
2. Pata
3. Tapali
4. Thali
5. Katori
6. Kalash/Loti
7. Aasan
8. Samai
9. Naivedya


> Requirements of Pujas
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