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Resistance Power in Ayurveda

Resistance Power in Ayurveda[edit]

  • When the natural resistance power is perfect in the man, this will be more. When music sounds and its vibrations reach the brain, so also it increases the cortisone hormone level will be decreased.
  • The sitar music of Ravi Shanker has increased cortisone, the resistance power and 3 factors which reduce resistance power were absent. Music must be good to hear to ears and it cools the brain.

The different types of music cure different types of diseases.

  • Music in the morning, cools the brain. Shastric music is found to be more effective in diseases.
  • The mohanraga, Kamboji, Behag, nadas are more powerful in diseases.
  • The Anandabyravi is powerful in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Hindola, Bhupathi, Vasantha, Kanda, Nilambari, Asaveru music will bring the agitated brain to peace.
  • Navagrapha music of Muthuswamy Dikshitar reduces pain in abodomen.
  • For insanity the Saranga raga does good, Todi and Shivarangini are useful in psychiatric diseases.
  • The morning suprabhata prayer is also good for health of body and mind.

Need for education of music

  • There need not be education of music to patients. Mr. Smith working in an American company in India used to ill-treat a lady staff.
  • Music was used daily in his office in the morning for about half an hour which resulted in calming down of the mood of the proprietor.
  • Secondly, Akber, a researcher, who was fed up with his work was put on music therapy and became perfectly alright.

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