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SBI Life - Sanjeevan Supreme

The SBI Life - Sanjeevan Supreme is a conventional saving plan. This saving plan comes with the added advantages of life cover and guaranteed cash at regular intervals. This plan thus saves for the future. People who are willing to plan for the different financial obligations at specific times, this plan is perfect for them.

The key features of SBI Life - Sanjeevan Supreme are as follows:

* This plan has different money back options which are designed specially to suit the needs of the customers.

* The plan cover is available at competitive rates of

* This plan has a guaranteed cash inflow which can meet the financial problems.

* This plan is divided in to 4 categories plan A, B, C and D.

* The policy term for the plan is plan A – 15 years, plan B and C – 20 years and plan D – 25 years.

* The minimum and maximum age of entry for plan A – 18 and 60, plan B and C – 18 and 55 and plan D – 18 and 50.

* The minimum sum assured under this policy is Rs. 50,000 (and multiples of Rs. 10,000 thereafter) and maximum sum is Rs.5 Crore.

The benefits of SBI Life - Sanjeevan Supreme are as follows:

'''Maturity benefit'''

* At the finishing of the growth period the policy holder will receive guaranteed pay out in 5 years or 10 years. The payout will depend on the plan options chose by the policy holder.

* The bonus declared by the company is accumulated for the entire term.

'''Death benefit'''

On the unfortunate death of the policy holder the nominee will receive the sum assured along with the vested bonus besides the already paid survival benefit.
Under death cover suicide within 1 year of the policy will be excluded.

'''Riders available'''

* SBI Life - Accidental Death and Accidental Total
Permanent Disability

* SBI Life - Term Assurance rider